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 Meridian 341 problem you need to know about!

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Ocean Spray Posted - Nov 26 2011 : 15:43:13
Hey everyone, Captain Pat here. I wanted to warn other 341 owners of a problem they may not be aware of. Recently Meridian did some prop hull modifications to all 341's. The hull now gets out of the water and up on plane faster without the use of trim tabs. Great right? Wrong!

The problem now is that water backs up in to the exhaust allowing water intrusion to both engines as we found out the hard way. Both my engines seized back in May right after getting this work done. After the boat sitting at MM of Sarasota for 6 weeks, we brought the boat up to MM of Clearwater for the repairs, thats when we found out that both engines seized.

Long story short, repairs were done after I took down blogs, but did not agree to sign papers from Brunswick not allowing me to tell anyone about this. Once the bank got involved they decide to make the repairs and use my boat as a test boat to try and figure out a fix, which they did. I heard that Mercury has installed a one way valve now in the exhaust to keep water from getting in to the engines, I only hope that it works!

If you own a Meridian 341 you owe it to yourself to call Meridian and ask what they plan on doing about this problem, if they deny anything is wrong, please fell free to mention my name! Good luck!

Currently boatless....... Captain Pat
50   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Pa Mikee Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 22:10:37
Originally posted by HOGAN

That's my point exactly Walter. Everyone bad-mouths lawyers until they need one. Lawyers would not have any business unless people came to them seeking representation.

When legal representation is needed, who else does the average joe turn to? Most people have no choice but to get an attorney.If someone has a plumbing issue, they seek a plumber. The issue I see with attorneys is what their motive is; is it about a quick $1k for an hour or two of work or about actually defending the client. I've had good and mostly not so good.
Audrey II Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 20:15:04
Pat after reading your last post I think I got the whole picture and I too feel for you and wish you a speedy rebound. Life can be a roller coaster both long and short term. I have days I wake up on top of the world and by the time I return from work I feel like the world is coming to an end. Try to focus on the good things in your life like family and friends and everything else will fall in place. It is much easier to succeed when you are happen.
jmeirhofer Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 18:00:06
Pat, I appreciate and accept your sincere apology. I hope the worst is behind you and com seas in front of you.
CurrentSea Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 17:23:50
My issue with lawyers is they usually show no mercy to clients who can't pat. Most attorneys want full fee up front. Rich is one of the few good ones. He agreed to a reduced fee and offered not to take it until we won. He also reduced it to keep me in the game. Usually your legal fees eat up your gain before you even win. Not saying attorneys should work for free but they need a better incentive to win. They should lower their rates until they win. If you feel you will then what's the harm to them. Why don't they? Because they want to be paid win or lose.

Now divorce attorneys are a different breed. They look at your full financial picture then milk you knowing what you can pay. It's a lose lose deal. Best thing is to settle up front and let lawyer just draft it.

Again no offense to Rich. It was the corporate lawyer in my case and OS that stink.
jmeirhofer Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 17:08:37
Pat, I appreciate and accept your sincere apology. I hope the worst is behind you and com seas in front of you.
HOGAN Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 16:55:39
That's my point exactly Walter. Everyone bad-mouths lawyers until they need one. Lawyers would not have any business unless people came to them seeking representation.
Ocean Spray Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 16:54:39
Thank you guys, I appretiate the kinder words!! I now have less stress on me to keep the boat and pay the bills associated with it. Someone asked me what happened when I got the boat back in 2009, we kept the boat for another 2 years until I lost everything, business that went bad, sold my home, all assets had been sold to try and keep the one thing I wanted the most, my boat.

Unfortunetaly things got worse for me, so my wife and I decided to sell the boat, we had some money left so we had the bottom painted and at that time Meridian did the prop tunnel modifications. After the boat went back in the water we listed her for sale. 2 weeks later we had a seized engine, although we did not know it at that point, we had also lined up a buyer that was coming to look at the boat while it was hauled out at MM. Thats when we found out it was a seized engine. Long story short, 6 long months later, the bank reposesed the boat. When the repairs were almost done we listed the boat again with another broker and someone had made a good offer on the boat, but it was too late, the bank refused to work with me and the broker for reasons unknown to me.

At this point I have no idea where the boat is, we did recieve a letter from the bank stating that they would be selling the boat at a private sale and they would be in touch.

Again, thank you for those who commented nice things to me, I do appretiate it. AS far as appologiesing, I am a man of my word, I was raised old school with good values (contrary to belief) and I believe in doing the right thing, always. I tried my best to contain my anger with my posts but unfortunetaly I am a very emotional type of person, so I usually let loose, and pay for it later. maybe one day I will learn from all of this that you need to watch what you say, especially on a public forum!

For those of you that have scolded me, advised me, called me an a$$hole, I respect your right to free speech, and believe me when I tell you, I have finally learned my lesson! For that I would say THANK YOU. For anyone else who still may be offended at some of my posts , now or in the past, well again, I am SORRY!

I really do enjoy reading and commenting on B&E, so I will continue too. I am hopeing to buy another boat in a few years when the dust settles, so hopefully I will have more stories and projects to come!

Thanks again.
Captain Pat
walterv Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 16:03:18
I doubt Dave was referring to Rich, my understanding is he did a great job. I think Rich's name here is 4Roys??
I have dealt with Rich, sold his firm a phone system, IMHO, real nice guy!!!
HOGAN Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 15:41:38
Originally posted by CurrentSea

Lawyer's suck (no offense Mike) as do big business and insurance companies.

No offense taken, but I think Rich might be a bit upset...

Everyone bad-mouths lawyers, but as soon as they have a problem, they go running to one.

Capt Pat, glad you calmed down and posted your explanation. Hope all works out for you in the future.
CurrentSea Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 09:26:20
I value the help I received when I had boat issues.
I also aired my dirty laundry here on boatered and got mixed reviews.
In the end, I was justified.
For those that helped me Walter, Billy, Dominic and my attorney Rich(also a boatered RO) I am very grateful.

As for OS and his issues. I sympathize somewhat as his stories did have mixed messages. But either way, I have been there and when it is you against big business, it is not fun. Attorneys cost money and there is always the unknown as to how deep you go to be justified and get your due. This in turn leads to you making rash decisions and comments. I have been in this position twice in my life, once during my divorce and the second time with my boat issues. Lawyer's suck (no offense Mike) as do big business and insurance companies. So I guess what I am saying is if OS made comments based on stress, then yeah, I understand. If that is his nature, then I don't.

Either way, until you are on the losing end of a legal battle and know your right and want to be justified, you have no idea of the stress, sleepless nights, mind games, depression, etc that comes from it.

walterv Posted - Dec 06 2011 : 08:39:58

Being able to help is truly rewarding, I know you get that. Nothing in this world puts a bigger smile on my face than when I see random acts of kindness and people going out of there way to help people. Three or four years ago when we met, you and Dominic were so good to Dave, I will never forget that.

Billylll Posted - Dec 05 2011 : 20:37:32
I had a very close call finanacially in my life and Walter you have no idea the impact your voicemail had on me. Thanks for helping me get back on the tracks and put things in perspective.
I owe you big time and your timing was unbelievable.
walterv Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 16:40:34
Yes I understood unless someone has been on the roller coaster ride you have been on in the last few years they won't really get your state of mind and therefore you rants.

Good luck on getting things back in order in your life.

IMHO, your last posts have shown the person you are, it takes a big man to apologize,lots would just hide and let the thread die.


Audrey II Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 15:19:12
Pat I'm sure you are a nice guy that is just misunderstood it's easy to get caught up in the moment when life has dealt you a bad hand! This said as Bill pointed out it is never to late, I have friends that have gone back to school in there thirties and become doctors I'm not suggesting this is for you but sometimes we must roll with the punches and make the best with what we've got.

Not to beat a dead horse and I'm not trying to instigate anything with this question but I'm not sure I follow what happened to the boat.
"OK so lets clear the air here. First off, the boat was repoe'd way back in 2009 and we got her back, with watch intact. Case closed."
What happen to it once you got it back? I guess I missed this somewhere in the thread.
RWS Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 15:03:05
Hey Pat,

Sorry about your situation and glad to see your change of heart post.

Welcome back to the best forum on the web!

I have plenty of cold beer here.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, just PM me and I'll show you what can be done with a 29 year old boat in stages and for far less money and little or no depreciation.

Merry Christmas!

Skeetobite Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 14:51:33
Well, I was wondering where your boat went. Walked by it once or twice a week for months... then "poof". We have since moved to Longboat Key Moorings. Maybe we'll see you on the water again some day.
Ocean Spray Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 14:02:13
Thank you Bill. Sorry if I offended you or anyone else. Im just a guy, without a boat, and yes, I do look forward to the next boat. I do understand that I may have alienated some on here,usually out of sheer frustration on my part and little patience and for that I will apologies. Well, now that I have nothing to complain about (Meridian and MM) maybe I can contribute more constructive things than complaining! On a personal note, I do not know Walter outside of this forum, I think he gets me and thats all and for that I am thankful.

Riches to rags is true and I am working on it again, and I know it will come back sooner or later, I am a hard worker and I know I will get there again! Thanks for the encouraging words. Capt. Pat
alexander38 Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 13:35:40
well said by both of you guys, now lets put this to bed...on to the BOATS... :)
Billylll Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 12:38:55
Pat I think you will find there are many on this board who have come from rags to riches and back but have risen again. I probably don't have to tell you don't give up, the sun comes up everyday, well when the weather is good you get to see it. Much like life, I think you rubbed many of us the wrong way, let me correct this you rubbed me wrong with embelishing the story and you brought the drama to the thread. It appears you are looking for some of us to understand? I get it been there done that. Actions generally speak louder than words this is a tough crowd.
As far as education it doesn't mean jack squat if a pereson can not apply it to the real world. I work and challenge engineers all day yet I have no formal engineering degree nor do I pretend too. I hope life throws you another chance and remember you are never too old to start over. Repairing one's credit takes time the same goes for a damaged reputation.
I hope everything works out for you but I find it is hard for me to give you a pass based on what you have written.
Walter V is really a great guy if you know him personally perhaps you are as well? I know Walter and I can't say other than his hardtop installation issues ever seeing him post in the manner you did about Brunswick and MM.
Best of luck sounds like you need to make some luck of your own. I have found timing is actually more important than luck. I do wish you the best sounds like boating will have to take a backseat with everything else going on in your life.
Ocean Spray Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 11:05:49
Oh btw, just one more thing, it was never my intent to give up my boat to the bank and try to screw the bank as others think, I was merely frustrated at them. When I knew the bank was taking the boat, I actually drove the 60 miles to the boat to put back onboard the carpeting I had in the garage, the extra keys and so on. I did the right thing in my eyes, I returned everything to the boat, cleaned her out and cleaned her up on the inside as well aa outside, she was in mint condition when returned and everything in its place. Its true I did have offers on her but the bank chose to sell her there way at a private sale.

Its not easy losing 150 k on a boat as I did, but I guess there was a lesson I needed to learn, and boy have I learned one. I am very humbled at going form boat owner to boatless, after losing everything I had in my life I have a whole new outlook on life in general, maybe thats what I needed to learn, forget the material things in life as long as you have your health, your family and people that care about you, life is good!
Ocean Spray Posted - Dec 04 2011 : 10:58:32
Walter, thank you for being the only one here who may truly understand me and my frustration with Meridian and MM. YES you are correct, I bought a LEMON, I have had problems from day one with Meridian and Marine Max. I guess I am always frustrated at how they dont do the right thing for there customers like they should. Some of you may feel this is some sort of entitlement issue, its not, I dont feel the world owes me a living, I am a simple person, brought up the old school way, if you sell something, then you should stand behind your product, no matter what, its a practice I did in my business for 13 years and was very successful at it.

For those of you who have no sympathy for me and my problems, well, thats ok too. I may come across the wrong way to some of you, and I will be the first to admit that I only have an 8th grade education due to unfortunate circumstances in my life back then, I make no apologies for that, I am who I am, and I think I turned out pretty good considering my back round and lack of education. I regret not finishing High School and going on to college now, but its too late for me, and we all have to live with the cards we are dealt. maybe in my next life I can learn how to write a story without insulting have the audience at the same time. For those that I have rubbed the wrong way, I do sincerely apologies for my errors. I am not a bad guy, I am honest and loyal to those whom know me, my family comes first and foremost and thats all that matters, I have a good life and a great family that loves me for who I am. So I am boatless for now, I have learned a valuable lesson from all of this, and I am sure one day I will own a boat again.

BTW, some of the older posts that have been deleted to one word or another was done by me and no one else. I did that at the request of Brunswick. They asked if I would do that and in return they would fix my boat, which ultimately they chose not to do until the bank got involved, they were too busy arguing with Mercury as to who's fault it was.

For those of you that read my posts and spoke with me (without all the drama) thank you. For those of you that I have entertained over the past few years, your welcome, I am glad that you found amusement at my expense. I have enjoyed this forum and have always found some of the criticism funny, angry, without merit, down right nasty, but hey, everyone is entitled to there opinion, and there sure are many opinions on here!

Let the comments continue, good and bad, I read them all and at best get a good laugh myself.

Safe boating!
Billylll Posted - Dec 03 2011 : 08:30:38
The personal attacks on John's posts are what gets me PO'ed. John was just showing the numerous contradictions & possible embellishments in OS's posts since this soap opera started in 2009. I know what it's like to be down even out. My life past and prsent hasn's always been a bowel full of cherry's but I don't blame others I blame myself. It's called personal responsabilty for one's actions or inactions. Sure circumstances out of people's control happen it's how you deal with them.
Stop blaming everyone but yourself and your conduct OS.
HOGAN Posted - Dec 02 2011 : 05:48:36
Originally posted by rommer

Originally posted by walterv

I give him a mulligan on his posts

A mulligan? He's had dozens!


[black]And let's not forget about all the contradictions and changes in his story over time... black]
rommer Posted - Dec 01 2011 : 21:05:32
Originally posted by walterv

I give him a mulligan on his posts

A mulligan? He's had dozens!
walterv Posted - Dec 01 2011 : 20:29:19
Just saying guys.

He got a raw deal all the way around, agree he may not be the sharpest knife in the draw, but I give him a mulligan on his posts because of the frustration level he experienced.

IMHO, no need to kick a guy that's down and out.

Audrey II Posted - Dec 01 2011 : 19:09:36
Originally posted by walterv

Now boat less, credit hit, out many many thousands of bucks

"WOW that's all I can say!"

Walter I agree this is what the WOW was about tough crowd! But I don't think he is boatless he clearly said he got the boat back with the watch intact.

As for the harsh responses if you followed his threads it is hard not to see he went out of his way to screw the bank and leave us all to make good on his loan. To make matters worse he then offered to strip the boat and sell any parts before it was repo'ed this is not cool in my book.

I understand falling on hard times **** happens the right thing to do is take it like a man and try to do the right thing not the screw the world attitude that he displayed. It is not the banks fault he bought a Lemon (and I'm not convinced of this at the moment).

His ranting and cursing out anyone and everyone for posting his own threads is over the top. No one is putting words in if mouth here these were his words from his posts. I feel like in some sick way he is enjoying the attention maybe this is Bob again?
HOGAN Posted - Dec 01 2011 : 17:57:51
Don't forget the fact that he didn't even read the "extended warranty" before he bought it, then blamed everyone else but himself.
PascalG Posted - Dec 01 2011 : 17:52:44
walter, from what i recall, the main problem was marginal performance from having the base engines...i recall him saying he didnt even do a sea trial! there were also a number of significant discrepancies in the various stories posted

sympathy ran out when he said he was hoping for a active hurricane season to boost his hurricane shutter business...
jmeirhofer Posted - Dec 01 2011 : 04:20:07
Walter - i did not have a problem with him until he called me a liar, moron, stupid and ass. Sounds like a few others have had that experience with him as well. Looking back at his posts I am not so sure that many of his problems were not self inflicted. There are a few versions of some of them so i am not even sure he told the whole story on some. And now coincidently I have been getting a daily password reset email request from the meridian yacht owners club. I am not a member, go figure.

The time for any compassion has left the building.
walterv Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 22:30:39
Pat bought a brand new Meridian, problems from day one, fought like hell to get things fixed, then they fix, toasts 2 motors, Meridian and the dealer gives him the f-u. Pat falls on hard times between this, boat gets repossessed.

Tough crowd here IMHO, forget about his ranting and BS in his posts (stressed and frustrated), he got so screwed with this boat.

Any compassion here to a guy that got totally f-uked????? Then fell on hard times!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boat was a problem from day 1
Many problems some were fixed with great pain to get the work done
major problems happen
Meridian jumps in after many months, supposedly fixes.
Motors are toast now due to the fix
Another pissing war goes on and more downtime, major downtime!!!
Takes the bank to get involved
Pat loses boat could have got out from the loan before that but the bank fs him.

So in summary, my take is this:

Pat bought a lemon
Meridian gave him the cold shoulder
Bank played tough guy when pat had buyers
Meridian, with pressure from the bank finally stepped up to the plate

When the day is done, Pat lost everything, all the money he put into the boat, major headaches while he owned the boat, loss of use while he owned the boat, loss of time and effort getting the boat fixed and his expense to own a boat he could not use.

Now boat less, credit hit, out many many thousands of bucks

"WOW that's all I can say!"

Audrey II Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 21:12:33
WOW that's all I can say!
HOGAN Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 08:46:34
This should keep us entertained all winter!
rommer Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 08:03:00
Another OS rant, yawn....

The only thing he tries to protect is his own a$$. Been shown time and time again.
RWS Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 08:01:34

Actually, this thread (below) is far more entertaining than anything else I have ever seen on this board (O.K. with one Block Island exception)

I actually laughed out loud yet again at some of the humor injected here.

We really do have a creative and well informed group here that can flush out the truth quickly and often in an amusing sort of way.

No need for us to restate what was already said here, simply click on the link below and see three pages of responses, some of which were deleted to one or two words by the OP, but the comments from the Forum are interesting, and many are actually hilarious.

Told ya there was MORE


Woodsong Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 07:34:22
I think what is rubbing people the wrong way is that your posts typically come across as having an entitlement mentality and a sense that you are ok with others having harm if you can profit from it (storm protection), and generally, a bit of an antagonistic attitude with no sense of personal responsibility. I think we all agree that we hate to hear you had problems with your meridian but the way you handled it on the forums has essentially shot you in the foot as far as getting a ton of sympathy from the forums. I truly hate to say that b/c I am sure in person you are a great person and would help anyone you could. I personally wish you nothing but the very best and hope it all works out for you.

HOGAN Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 06:35:23
OS, you have shown your true colors several times on this board. You do so once again...

How can you expect anyone to have any sympathy, empathy or respect for you after the things you have admitted that you have done or would do?

BTW, this is not a "blog".
alexander38 Posted - Nov 30 2011 : 03:57:16
winter fun.... :)
RWS Posted - Nov 29 2011 : 21:10:20
Originally posted by RWS

But WAIT!!!

There's MORE !!!!!


This was inevitable.

Folks, history DOES repeat itself.

I think we all knew this was going to happen.

While I am sorry about his problem, my sympathies go out the window based on the way this man conducts himself.

And to think, I once offered to have a beer with this gent. What was I thinking?

Here's the link, have fun with the "misty watercolor memories" . . . .

By the way, it's fascinating how the OP deleted his posts down to one or two words, except where he was quoted from the original.


jmeirhofer Posted - Nov 29 2011 : 20:30:51
Wow OS, all I did was post what you have stated. Nothing more or less. No muddling of facts or making things up. You seem to do that well enough on your own. If you were sincere about just wanting to let others know of an issue, you could have done that without all the other BS in you initial post, let alone without a tracking me when i asked you a question. I honestly could not remember and thought hey were two different boats. Thanks for providing me te motivation to look it up and remind myself what kind of person you really are.

I have a life Pat. A really good one. Good luck with your job search. Maybe next year will be better for hurricanes and you can get another 30 footer charter boat.
Pa Mikee Posted - Nov 29 2011 : 20:09:36
Ocean Spray:
I don't think calling someone a moron is appropiate on a forum. The readers will see it or they will turn a blind eye to it; no need to point it out and risk being banned.
Ocean Spray Posted - Nov 29 2011 : 20:01:04
Wow john you certainly have no life dont you? WTF is your problem with me? You keep guessing and doubting my sinserity on this subject, what am I making this stuff up you moron? Do me a favor, get your facts before you insert your foot in to your mouth, if you like, you can call MM of Clearwater and ask them if they fixed my boat and I had 2 seized motors if it makes you feel better. To suggest that I am telling a story, and you do not belive me really shows me what a real a$$hole you really are. As for the rest of the ney sayers. f off!

All I wanted to do is warn others of the potential problem, that is all. taking excerpts from prior posts to try a muddle the facts is sheer BS and makes you look even dumber. Let it go John, just let it go. this is exactly why I have stayed away from this blog, I find that some of you feel the need to play detective and needlesly break balls for no other reason then to make up for your own short comings. get a life.
PascalG Posted - Nov 29 2011 : 07:47:18
I guess the hurricane season wasn't that great after all...
Billylll Posted - Nov 29 2011 : 07:41:28
Originally posted by alexander38

RWS.....please tell us ....I'm dieing over here....this whole story is better than Young and the Restless ......:0

I think this is a situation where the RO thought he would use a pleasure boat as a charter operation and make money. It sounds like it didn't work out. Life can throw many curve balls at us all. I know I just barely escaped a direct hit. However I don't owe anyone a dime on the boat. When I saw the housing market tanking (early 2007) I paid off the loan on my boat. I guess I was more fortunate than the RO. I'm trying to figure out if this is a genuine effort to warn other people with gas powered 341's or an attempt at getting back at the "man"?
This reminds me of the OWS group's mindset "no personal responsability".
I hope I am wrong.
alexander38 Posted - Nov 29 2011 : 04:27:01
RWS.....please tell us ....I'm dieing over here....this whole story is better than Young and the Restless ......:0
Capt. Bill1 Posted - Nov 28 2011 : 21:57:44
Sounds like they added simple inline wet exhaust check valves to me. Centex makes some as I recall.

Audrey II Posted - Nov 28 2011 : 21:44:58
Originally posted by RWS

But WAIT!!!

There's MORE !!!!!


OK I'll bite what is it? (does it slice dice and Julianne fries?)
RWS Posted - Nov 28 2011 : 20:29:32
But WAIT!!!

There's MORE !!!!!

jmeirhofer Posted - Nov 28 2011 : 10:29:43
Well here is your posts from June:

Originally posted by Ocean Spray

Well just found out that the bank is moving forward on a repo for my boat We did fall behind 2 months but I called the bank and tried to do weekly payments until we could catch up, but they said no. After 45 days they take action, 45 days was yesturday so we are stripping the boat as we speak. If anyone needs any parts from a 2007 341 please let me know, I will sell you anything you want really cheap to try and make some money back. I will be boatless soon, what a relief in so many ways!

Originally posted by Ocean Spray

Well today I out smarted the bank! I put the boat on the hard and had it hauled out so the repo man can not steal it! When the bank found that out they had a totally different attitude! Now they are extending my payment request till next week or until I get settled in my next job. I told them I want to sell the boat and that they would not get a chance to repo the boat until I exhaust all other options first. When the boat gets repaired and put back in the water I am taking it to a private yard to be hauled out and blocked until its sold so I do not have to worry about repo agents trying to snag the boat. I just love it when I get the upper hand for a change!

Sure sounded like you were planning on screwing the bank to me. I still am not convinced you had a manufacture problem. What they did to modify the prop hull? or what the flapper was sounds interesting but what exactly was it? And if they did that to your boat and where successfull why not a service bulletin? Your whole deal just leaves more questions everytime you try to answer one.

Yep still confused. But hey, you showed them stupid folks over at MarineMax, the Bank and Brunswick. Lost your down payment, screwed your credit, have nothing to show for the effort but you showed them.
Ocean Spray Posted - Nov 28 2011 : 09:55:05
John, As far as the bank is concerned, the only thing I am ticked off about with them is that they took the boat before we got a chance to sell her, and we did have several buyers lined up, and one good offer came in but they ignored it. All I ever wanted to do from the get go was sell the boat and get rid of the loan in good faith. What you did not know was that we were fixing upo the boat right before this happened, I had the bottom painted and boat compounded and waxed. Thats when we had the prop tunnel work done and thats what led up to this engine seizure. We had every intention of selling her, as a matter of fact, we had someone coming to see the boat back in May when this happened. Maybe if the bank had chosen to work with us, we certainly would have sold the boat.
Ocean Spray Posted - Nov 28 2011 : 09:51:25
OK so lets clear the air here. First off, the boat was repoe'd way back in 2009 and we got her back, with watch intact. Case closed.

In May of 2011 is when we had the water intrusion problem and a seized engine. Yes Brunswick asked me nicely if I would take down posts about my never ending saga with my 341 and I did in order to make a good faith effort to try and get them to repair my boat, at this point I still owned the boat. And YES they did want me to sign papers that I would not speak about this to anyone, but I chose not to sign them. After taking down everything, Mercury and Brunswick were arguing who's fault it was and who was going to pay for the repair so no work was being done on the boat and the boat sat for months with no work being done. It was at that point where I stopped making payments because I could not longer afford to. After I called Brunswick and told them that I was letting the bank take back the boat, they decided they would repair the boat, which they did.

Now, the main reason why am blogging about this is 2 reasons, Reason 1, I dont want to see anyone else go through what we did and possibly lose there boat due to a manufacturer problem. Reason 2, Brunswick should step up to the plate and stop keeping these type of repairs secret from there loyal buyers, its not fair to the owners, and yes, I do have a small ax to grind with the way I was treated at Marine Max of Sarasota and Brunswick Boats.

There you have it, hope you are no longer confused on this issue.

Safe Boating.

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