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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Old_Salt Posted - Nov 03 2011 : 19:09:04
The 2010 trip of Ria Sea

This is a record of the Commander 26 Ria Sea’s 2010 trip to the Central and North Coasts of BC in the company of Stalwyn, seen through the camera on board Ria Sea. Stalwyn’s photos for this 2010 trip have been posted previously in a thread on this forum.

We left our respective home ports in Secret Cove (Stalwyn) and Sechelt Inlet (Ria Sea), with Stalwyn leaving on Monday, May 31, 2010 to meet up at the mouth of Jervis Inlet early in the day, and continued on together to Campbell River for the overnight.

Day 2, Tuesday, June 1 0730

Leaving Campbell River after the first overnight together, we met up with a cruise ship outside the Discovery Harbour Marina, but left it behind in order to remove the concern of dealing with the wake going through Seymour Narrows. Photos looking South in Discovery Passage, North of Seymour Narrows.

Rounding Chatham Point and heading into Johnstone Strait for the Westward trip to Cape Caution.

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BillV Posted - Jan 20 2012 : 19:50:58
It was a wonderful trip OS. I enjoyed everyday of it and look forward to our next trip.
Old_Salt Posted - Jan 20 2012 : 16:06:19

Day 34, Saturday, July 3, 1351

Stopover at Blind Channel. Young Mrs._Salt and the one of the Big Trees.

Ria Sea and Stalwyn at the floats at Blind Channel.

Thanks to Ria Sea, her Skippy and her Admiral, for keeping us company on this special trip up the coast of B.C., and for sharing these photos with us and with you. Thanks to you all for coming along.


oldfishboat Posted - Jan 20 2012 : 12:58:25

Thanks OS.

I realy am enjoying the ride !
BillV Posted - Jan 17 2012 : 20:00:51
Just beautiful photography OS. Thank you, was good to look at them after shoveling all the d*** snow today away from the shop so I could get inside. Looking forward to summer and retirement!
Old_Salt Posted - Jan 17 2012 : 10:00:28
Day 32, Thursday July 1, 1017

Ria Sea at anchor in Mound Island Anchorage.

Day 34, Saturday, July 3, 0600

Homeward bound. Stalwyn looking kind of lonely coming out of Havannah Channel and heading East in Johnstone Strait.

Not looking so lonely a few minutes later.

(I inserted another pic of the crowd in Johnstone Strait, taken from Ria Sea)

Old_Salt Posted - Jan 15 2012 : 11:36:47
We reached Port McNeill the same day we left Miles Inlet, and the next day we headed for the North side of Queen Charlotte Strait.

Day 28, Sunday, June 27 1004

Waiting for the cruise ship, Norwegian Star.

Day 29, Monday, June 28

Stalwyn at anchor in Nimmo Bay.

Old_Salt Posted - Jan 13 2012 : 08:33:59
Day 25, Thursday, June 24 0617

Southbound, passing Cape Caution.

Ria Sea’s kayakers poking around Miles Inlet in the south lagoon entrances.

Day 26, Friday, June 25 0640

Stalwyn exiting The Miles Inlet passageway with the Admiral waving to Ria Sea.

Old_Salt Posted - Jan 12 2012 : 13:37:29
I love it when I caption a picture with a silly remark, and leave the door open for a couple of you "smart azzes" to jump right in with a really good response. You made my day.

The devil made us do it.

Jgsons2 Posted - Jan 12 2012 : 12:58:09
That was just the kindling probably.
BillV Posted - Jan 12 2012 : 10:36:46
"Ria Sea’s Admiral gathering firewood on the beach at Fury Island Cove."
Based on the size of the wood, she must be planning one h*** of a fire!
Old_Salt Posted - Jan 11 2012 : 00:35:29
Day 24, Wednesday, June 23, 0900

Stopped early in the day to enjoy Fury Island Cove and overnight here.

Ria Sea’s Admiral gathering firewood on the beach at Fury Island Cove.

rduhon Posted - Jan 07 2012 : 12:21:28
Old_Salt Posted - Jan 07 2012 : 10:51:57
Day 23, Tuesday, June 22 1506

This concerned little seal kept a very close watch on the 2 Commanders invading the privacy of Lewall Inlet.

Day 24, Wednesday, June 23 0730

Ria Sea got some nice whale photos in Fitz Hugh Sound at the junction of Hakai Passage, just outside Goldstream Harbour.

BillV Posted - Jan 05 2012 : 19:22:58
Nice OS. Helps getting through the cold winter days.
Old_Salt Posted - Jan 05 2012 : 09:17:20
Day 21, Sunday, June 20

Early morning photo of the reflections at the entrance to Beales Bay.
We were taking the same photo from Stalwyn, but including Ria Sea, being nearest to the entrance, at the same time.

Day 22, Monday, June 21 0925

The entrance to Campbell Island Inlet, and the narrow waterway leading to the anchorage.

Old_Salt Posted - Jan 01 2012 : 12:52:56
Day 20, Saturday, June 19

The Dam.

Tennis, anyone?

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 30 2011 : 13:45:06
Day 19, Friday, June 18 0822

A nice King Island valley on the South side of Dean Channel.

Main Street, Ocean Falls. Young Mrs._Salt posing in front of the Martin Hotel.

The Fire Hall, Ocean Falls, and a residential fire-plug.

A Classy stairway to an Ocean Falls house, … in bygone days

An occupied home in Ocean Falls. There aren’t very many.

A regular visitor to Ocean Falls … or maybe a resident?

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 28 2011 : 16:44:54
Day 19, Friday, June 18 very am

Sunrise in Elcho Harbour. Leaving for Ocean Falls today, and then starting the trip home.

BillV Posted - Dec 27 2011 : 20:48:24
Again OS, you have offered us some beautiful pictures. Thank you and may your boating in 2012 include a trip north for some more of these.
Old_Salt Posted - Dec 27 2011 : 16:17:26
Day 18, Thursday, June 17 1305

Sir Alexander MacKenzie monument outside Elcho Harbour.

Elcho Creek flows into Elcho Harbour and provides some nice kayaking at the north end.

The World’s largest Flower Box … in Elcho Harbour.

Ria Sea and Stalwyn at anchor in Elcho Harbour. Looking South from Elcho Creek to the entrance of Elcho Harbour.

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 26 2011 : 14:08:13

Day 14, Sunday, June 13 5:42 pm

Low water on a misty afternoon in the 5 meter hole in Tate Lagoon.

Day 15, Monday, June 14 7:44 am

Not a whole lot better the following morning.

Day 17, Wednesday, June 16

Stalwyn at anchor in Emily Bay in Briggs Inlet.

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 26 2011 : 13:47:31
Bill, the photos are from Ria Sea. They took some really nice pics and I got their permission to post them.

My 2010 photos have been posted on this forum previously

Data on the 26, 30, 38 Commanders can be found here:

Billylll Posted - Dec 26 2011 : 12:44:43
What model, length and year are those Commanders? How are they outfitted? These are beautiful pictures and you obviously have your boat customized for rural cruising.
BillV Posted - Dec 26 2011 : 12:08:42
You pictures have such clarity that it easy to pick out the details and I've found a lot can be learned from this. Thanks for the opportunity to view such "art" and feel a little of what you must have felt when you took the picture.
Old_Salt Posted - Dec 26 2011 : 11:05:26
Good eye, Bill. The Commander on the left is "Whiskey Cove", owned by a nice couple who operate a fishing resort on Denny Island, in Whiskey Cove, just north of Shearwater.

BillV Posted - Dec 26 2011 : 09:57:50
It appears there are 3 Commanders at the dock OS. Were you increasing in numbers?
Ken34 Posted - Dec 25 2011 : 19:06:10
I love the pictures. I hope to make it out west in my lifetime for some adventures!

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 25 2011 : 16:06:20
Day 11, Thursday, June 10 0836

Back at the visitor’s float in Klemtu, to clean the kelp out of Stalwyn’s sea water strainer’s.

rduhon Posted - Dec 23 2011 : 14:48:39
Beautiful area OS.
Old_Salt Posted - Dec 23 2011 : 10:48:14
Day 10, Wednesday, June 9 0800

Leaving Rescue Bay near high water slack current at the East end of Jackson Narrows, and heading West in Jackson Passage.

The long house at Klemtu.

The busy fuel dock at Klemtu.

Looking West back to the entrance to Bottleneck Inlet.

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 21 2011 : 03:41:21

"These are some real nice pictures OS. Thank you for the treat."

My Pleasure, Bill. I thought Ria Sea took some nice photos on our 2010 trip together, and captured some scenes that were certainly worth sharing with the forum.

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 21 2011 : 03:35:38

For the collected information on Five Windows Cove please see the thread "Special Places on the West Coast of B.C." in this forum:

BillV Posted - Dec 21 2011 : 02:19:27
These are some real nice pictures OS. Thank you for the treat.
Jgsons2 Posted - Dec 20 2011 : 18:00:41
Old_Salt If no one else will beg I will beg some. Where is Five Windows Cove? Would you Please give a gps location for it. I would understand if you would like to keep it as a special place though.
Old_Salt Posted - Dec 20 2011 : 12:21:43

Sorry! I could have given you the shortcut:

Shadowcruzr Posted - Dec 20 2011 : 11:33:21
Originally posted by Old_Salt


Glad to have you along, again.


2 old boys from AK along for the ride ... all right! You could check out "Inside Passage 2008", back on page 2, if you need to refresh your memory about that great Southeast scenery.


I will do a search and check it out.
Ken34 Posted - Dec 20 2011 : 06:33:59
Very cool!
Old_Salt Posted - Dec 19 2011 : 19:25:15
Day 9, Tuesday, June 8 0841

New Bella Bella. Approaching from the East (Shearwater).

Day 9, Tuesday, June 8 0930

Dryad Point Lighthouse and Weather Reporting Station, just North of New Bella Bella, and entering Seaforth Channel to travel West to Reid Passage.

Ivory Island Lighthouse and Weather Reporting Station, leaving Seaforth Channel and turning North into Reid Passage.

Ria Sea (right) and Stalwyn met up with another Commander, Chrissy D, in Rescue Bay.

Bear on the beach in Rescue Bay

Old_Salt Posted - Dec 18 2011 : 20:12:04
Day 7, Sunday, June 6 0915

New Bella Bella and Shearwater are two communities on two islands, and are separated by about 2 miles of protected waterways. New Bella Bella (Waglisla) is the native community, and offers the touring boat good water and fuel, a well stocked grocery store (if you are there within 24 hours of the most recent ferry or barge delivery) and a BC liquor store. It also offers a mid coast land airport with scheduled passenger flights to Port Hardy. Shearwater is a fishing resort with full marine maintenance services, a fuel dock and water … BUT the water is almost always on a “boil water” advisory during the summer months. We don’t put Shearwater water in the tank. Shearwater also has a grocery store, with liquor sales, and a marine supply store, and a modern laundry.

New Bella Bella. Eagles feeding on fish heads dumped on the shore by native commercial fishermen, so tourists can use their cameras.

Shearwater. At the floats.

Old_Salt Posted - Nov 16 2011 : 08:20:39

Glad to have you along, again. I haven't been to Southeast since the 2008 trip around POWI. I'm really going to try for it in 2012, God willing, and the creek don't rise. There are a couple of spots up there that I really need to see before I pack it in.

I'll post some more of Ria Sea's pics, as soon as I clean up the hard drive on the old 'puter.


2 old boys from AK along for the ride ... all right! You could check out "Inside Passage 2008", back on page 2, if you need to refresh your memory about that great Southeast scenery.


Shadowcruzr Posted - Nov 15 2011 : 19:36:20
this old Kodiaker has been following along from a desk in NC... the Pics bring back so many memoeries and make me want to pack up and move north!
Weekender Posted - Nov 13 2011 : 11:36:12
Following again, lots of country down there. I couldn't find Five Windows on the Atlas of Cananda, or Fury Cove either. On these rainy, stormy days I get on my computer and "go on vacation" with you guys, following you on the Atlas of Canada. Thanks and keep up the good work on the pics and postings.
Old_Salt Posted - Nov 07 2011 : 21:20:55
Hey! That's not too bad! We have traveling companions from Washington, Utah, and Louisiana with us. Now we need Maine, and California and we have the whole country covered!

Thanks, Guys!
BillV Posted - Nov 07 2011 : 11:25:53
Those are nice OS. Gives us more, please...............
rduhon Posted - Nov 06 2011 : 12:22:48
Beautiful pictures, beautiful scenery.
Old_Salt Posted - Nov 06 2011 : 11:09:25
Day 6, Saturday, June 5 0710

Exiting Five Windows Cove

Stalwyn and Ria Sea at anchor in Kisameet Bay

Nice kayaking in Kisameet Bay. View to the South entrance at the junction of Burke Channel and Fitz Hugh Sound.

A couple of humpbacks joined us in Kisameet Bay, coming in at the North end from Fitz Hugh Sound. Gives you a bit of a rush when you’re out in the kayak.

Stalwyn at anchor in Kisameet Bay at the North end, protected by the islands.

Old_Salt Posted - Nov 05 2011 : 08:31:33
Hi Richard,

When you get North of Cape Caution and keep going to River's Inlet, it IS comforting to know you can ease into Five Windows Cove and be assured of a quiet time, instead of trying to find a spot to park in Fury Cove, or one of the Frypans, where you know you may have to share an anchorage 10 times the size of Five Windows with one or two other boats ...

NewMoon Posted - Nov 05 2011 : 07:46:24
Hi OS,

Five Windows cove - talk about a neat bombproof anchorage! Haven't been that way in a few years, and I miss it. Thanks for the pics,
Old_Salt Posted - Nov 04 2011 : 13:07:47
Day 5, Friday, June 4 0732

Duncanby Landing

Heading North up River’s Inlet to Dawson’s Landing

Turning West from River’s Inlet into Darby Channel and Dawson’s Landing.

Day5, Friday , June 4 1205

Stalwyn at anchor in Five Windows Cove


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