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T O P I C    R E V I E W
JKosinski Posted - May 17 2011 : 22:20:11
I would like to learn more about this model. Does anyone own this boat? I am interested in learning about the performance and fuel consumption. The models I am considering have the 400hp gas or the 330hp diesel. Thanks.
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JKosinski Posted - Jan 19 2014 : 15:21:26
We upgraded to a larger boat last summer. After searching for years and considering everything in our size and price range it came down to the 4100 Maxum or the 4085 Avanti. I decided to put our boat up for sale then I would have no choice but to decide once it sold. Our 3300 Maxum sold surprisingly fast. We bought a 1999 4085 Avanti. Originally my wife did not like the aft cabin arraignment of the Avanti so it appeared the Maxum was the choice. After looking a several Maxum's she decided that the aft cabin although open was not functional. I was able to get her to take another look at an Avanti. This time she was OK with the arraignment. The layout of the Avanti is very functional. No boat is perfect, but I find few things about this model to dislike. We most like the natural light in the salon. With windows along the cabin top, a skylight, and a see through entry door the salon does not feel like a cave. We are very happy with this boat.
GregR Posted - Jan 17 2014 : 13:15:29
I always loved the look of a Formula. They seemed narrow to me though, and a bit overpriced.

My first cruiser was a Maxum, loved it, never had a single issue with it.

JKosinski Posted - Oct 26 2012 : 12:37:35
Last year (shortly before I spoke to this 4100 owner) I looked a 1998 4100 and the boat was so solid it felt like a completely different class of boat. I am still shocked to think the 4100 had structural issues. Since I wrote the post last night I have thought about my conversation with the 4100 owner. He said the bathroom was regelcoated because of stress cracks. The cabinet doors always pop open because of the flexing. As recently as a few years ago the boat was back to the factory for repairs and structural stiffening. Does it make sense that Maxum would repair a 10 plus year old boat at the factory? His boat is a 1997 and it has 8.3 cummins engines which I believe were not available in 1997. He said they were transferred by the factory during construction from the 1996 they bought back. He said the salon floor split down the center on the 1996 and Maxum did not want to risk repairing the boat? How does this boat perform with the 8.3 engines? Maxum has no fuel consumption data for the 8.3, but it seems to be the best engine package for boats that have listed fuel consumption and speed data.
The Trojan is a much different boat. The list price was about 500,000. Regardless of the price, the places we boat will not handle the 54' draft. It would be nice to stow my dinghy in the trunk.

Thanks for your input. The 1st gen 3700 is a very nice boat. My step daughter and her husband almost bought a 1998 with less than 300 hours from a repo lot. Unfortunately the stringers and two spots in the stern wall were wet. There was an ongoing water leak at the windshield area that caused water damage to the interior. In addition, it had the original 5000 series transmissions that were known to fail. It was a very nice low hour boat. The 3700 is slightly smaller than the 4100, but is very close to the same weight. I believe your fuel consumption numbers are about the same as the 4100. It is my opinion that these boats are almost too heavy for gas engines. However, based on performance and fuel consumption information from Maxum and the used boat values, there seems to be very little difference in overall operating costs between gas and diesel powered boats during the first ten years of the used boat purchase. Based on my current usage, I would need to budget the same amount if additional money monthly to cover additional gasoline costs that I would pay in higher boat payments for the more expensive diesel powered boat. Obviously there are many possible variables such as condition/purchase price, future fuel prices, any divergence between gasoline and diesel prices, and most importantly future usage.
At the end of the day I suspect my wife will make the final decision between gas and diesel. If the boat has diesel fuel odors like some old Chris Crafts do or if they are stinky when starting or idling around the dock my wife will find it unacceptable.

The 41PC is a nice boat with a great reputation. NADA pricing guides show base MSRP for boats. In 1998 the Base price for the 4100 was 213,095 and the formula was 338,380. This tells the story. The formula should be a much higher quality boat. I like many features on the formula. However, the interior appears cramped because of the forward bathroom and private master stateroom. I thought the master stateroom was plain for such an expensive boat. Also the aft cabin is small. The few for sale in freshwater are listed for much more than they are worth and their value is more than I want to invest for a larger boat in this economy.
Prospective Posted - Oct 26 2012 : 08:48:22
The 4100 was on our list of boats at one time. Didn't like the open forward berth. But it was budget friendly for a large express. I would only look at diesel. I don't care how many hours you use the boat, performance will be WAY better at cruise and around the docks. Further, any price differential at purchase will be made up for with a quicker and higher sale price one day. In the mean time you spend less on fuel and have a much more fuctional boat.

Another boat to consider which we liked is the Formula 41pc. 1996-2004. The older of those will be in a similar price range to the 4100 and almost all examples will be volvo or cummins diesels. This boat will be a touch smaller down below but still very spacious and it has a seperate forward stateroom unlike the 4100. Also, although I never took one out, it has an excellent rep as a sea boat and has very good fit and finish. Also has a huge cockpit and helm area. Happy hunting.
PascalG Posted - Oct 26 2012 : 07:14:52
Back in 98 I looked at the Avanti, Maxum and Sundancer and ended up with the 3700 which was the little brother of the 4100. There was a significant quality difference between the Avanti and the Maxum.

The 3700 with 7.4 burned about 35gph at 20kts and i did regret not getting diesels since I did 100+ hrs a year

I believe the 3700 had more dead rise than the 41 and it handled very well. Quality was excellent,in the 6 years I kept it i never had a single issue related to the boat, leak or stress crack. The Maxum sports yachts as they were called (37 to 46, late 90s early 00s) were a great value which gave the higher priced SR such a competition that Brunswick eventually drop thrm

Google Maxum owners, there is a lot of info on the site incl fuel curve which will help you with the Avnati too.
RamSport47 Posted - Oct 26 2012 : 05:33:23
We sold many of the 43100SCR while they were made. The first model year (1996) had the flexing problem, which Maxum came and fixed (on all of our boats). It was actually related to the mid cabin. They modified the tringers in the mid...making the bed a little smaller, but it fixed the problem. Later models were re-engineered to have the original size mid cabin and, to my knowledge, never had a flex issue. The boat has a great cockpit layout and the cabin is well laid out as well. The boat performs ok with gas engines...if you're not going to cruise much, but the diesels (315hp std, 370hp optional) will do much better. I've not seen any stress cracks on any of the boats we have sold, and I still see s few (for storage) every fall. In short, I probably would avoid a 1996, but and other year is worth buying. Also keep in mind that the 440 Trojan has WAY more room in the cabin as it is a foot and a half wider.
JKosinski Posted - Oct 26 2012 : 01:00:23
Could you offer some insight about the Maxum 4100SCR? My off and on search for a larger boat continues to lead nowhere. I like the 440 Trojan, but the 54" draft is too deep for my needs. My wife does not like the interior layout of the Avanti. We do not need a private aft cabin. I met a 4100 owner and had a chance to talk about his boat. His story sounds like a tragedy, but he loves the boat. He says the lack of a forward bulkhead causes the boat to flex. He claims His first boat, a 1996, was bought back and replaced with a 1997. Since then the 1997 boat has been back to the factory many times for additional structural repairs, but he loves the boat? I have not met a person this passionate about a boat that was not trying to sell it to me. Was there a permanent fix for this condition? Are there model years that do not have problems? Is the engine package a factor (bigger engines higher speed)? Does the flexing affect the integrity of the boat? Will I find stress cracks?
JKosinski Posted - May 20 2011 : 21:21:44
People have speculated that a boat this size would burn 35 GPH at 21 MPH with 502's and 20-22 GPH at 25-27 MPH with diesels. I was hoping to hear from owners in order to fact check those numbers.
RamSport, you offered a comparison to the 4100 SCR Maxum. Does any one know the performance numbers for that boat?
Dive1 Posted - May 19 2011 : 10:49:57
Get the disel boat! I know to many people that have 454 / 502ci tail dragging cruisers that don't take their boats out because of the gas consumtion. They try to run them at 8 to 12 knots thinking it will help to be less gas. it is much more effeciant on plane. That is 30 - 40G per hour but your are doing 17 to 20 knots.
RamSport47 Posted - May 18 2011 : 05:32:12
If I'm not mistaken, that boat was built on the same hull as the Maxum 41 SCR, which was a really nice boat. It rode relatively well with a slight slap in Lake Erie's chop. Because of the boat's weight (about 22,000lbs) I'd recommend the diesels as it really performed much better with them than the gassers. Fit and finish were...well, Bayliner, but as long as you know that going in, you'll be fine with it.
KiDa Posted - May 17 2011 : 22:54:08
It is a beautiful boat, well built, with limitations. What are your intended uses? What type of waters? Face it. It's no Hatt. It's a great river, bay and inland shore boat. It is NOT a canyon runner.

Depending on the number of hours per year and how long you intend to keep her, diesel at that size would be my first choice if you are in the 100 hour or more per year group. At 20 - 50 hours, you will never make up the initial cost differential including the extra gas burned per season.

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