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 SOLD! 1986 Regal Sold to a ANG soldier - yay!

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
defboat Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 07:42:05
Between finances and back problems, we have to say good bye to our well loved boat.

After lowering the price ... after all said and done we had 3 responses, so seller beware - don't jump too fast!

She went to Maine this afternoon after loading a whole truck of 'stuff' including a new S/S prop, chemicals, tools, mats, more tools, believe the tools?, jack stands, safety and cleaning stuff, wiring schematics, original brochure(wow, 1986?), 6 service manuals, extra bulbs, absorbents, 6 extra 50-150' new docklines, deep sea fishing stuff...and more.

We're happy she's with a serviceman who is planning to put her back in the Atlantic where she belongs. He has our email address and our promise to help whenever.

Now for a good strong scotch and a tear.
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j-d Posted - Jun 19 2013 : 07:03:28
Hopefully she'll have a great new home, loved and appreciated, and YOU will have nothing but fond memories.
defboat Posted - Jun 16 2013 : 13:23:52
Thanks - if all goes well with the tweaking of the new intermediate cable adjustment Tuesday, yes, she is sold!

There were 2 other people interested, so I believe I will see how the tweaking goes and if new potential owner is happy before responding! the ducks in a row, so to speak!

Billylll Posted - Jun 16 2013 : 13:10:52
So are congrats in order?
If so I'm glad you sold her.
defboat Posted - Jun 13 2013 : 07:16:10
Thanks - broker fee doesn't matter - we'd be happy if she got a new owner and/or a new water view!

Update - it was a real lead from Maine - YAY! he's seeing this well loved (needing some work) boat on Saturday, wish us luck!

DogDaze Posted - Jun 13 2013 : 05:46:08
but how do you do that with a broker?

depends on your relationship with the broker AND the contract you signed w/him and/or IF you had an exclusion if you sold it yourself.. (ie: you brought the buyer)

You may be able to work things out w/him.. or you could be tied to paying the agreed brokerage fees.

Did you leave yourself an out?? and/or how long is the contract for?
bobh Posted - Jun 12 2013 : 20:45:37
I may have someone Whois interested in that price. Will let you know.
defboat Posted - Jun 12 2013 : 18:56:10
Originally posted by rnbenton

Originally posted by defboat

Thank you for all your advice! Obvious we have to lower the price.

And that's oil on the sides of the engine room, just fyi !

What's your bottom, bottom line? I have a friend may be interested.


We just spoke to a military man in Bangor who is interested and I told him we would go to 5K and deliver it to him, so, for an RO...yes, lower, but how do you do that with a broker?

just to be totally upfront (best thing first), new bimini and clears 2010, new alpha 1 outdrive intermediate cable with the final adjustment needing to be in the water. Both outdrives recently serviced. Launch included.

Thanks for the help, guys!
rnbenton Posted - Jun 12 2013 : 17:39:09
Originally posted by defboat

Thank you for all your advice! Obvious we have to lower the price.

And that's oil on the sides of the engine room, just fyi !

What's your bottom, bottom line? I have a friend may be interested.

mdoherty Posted - Jun 12 2013 : 17:18:40
You could also try an eBay auction.
defboat Posted - Jun 12 2013 : 17:04:12
Thank you for all your advice! Obvious we have to lower the price.

And that's oil on the sides of the engine room, just fyi !
DogDaze Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 20:33:52
Ditto on Craigslist & forego the brokers fee.. As tor the paint job, I agree..
(I was referring to work the next owner could do if desired)

I have an automotive finish background & so, it would be something that could be done if one has the time, place & skillset. (also as noted above). That is, being that the stringers & transom are still good too..

it would be a labor of love & a LOT of TLC..
I seem to recall one RO, who took the bottom paint off a 280 & re-gel coated the entire hull... Now, that I thought was really overkill..
Pa Mikee Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 19:25:41
I do not think it's over priced. It's an older boat with an older looking style. For $8k what is a buyer expecting? The thing that I would be concerned about is all the mildew in the engine room. If it's in the engine room its probably just as bad between the cabin liner and the hull; and all along the bottom of the hull from the stern to the bow.
cwms Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 19:18:07
Totally agree with Craigslist.
defboat Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 19:08:32
The best RO's are here - thank you!
gardnersf Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 18:58:41
I had a Regal 1992 265. Very similar boat slightly updated interior. I agree with the lower selling price. My guess is she will move around $5K. The problem you face is a huge quantity of boats of similar size, age and price.

Also use Craigslist

I saw a Trojan 10 meter Sedan in my local Craigslist for $6K. Urgent Divorce Sale.
cwms Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 18:09:50
No question that fresh paint will brighten up anything. However, Imron or Awlgrip is very expensive to apply assuming you have a professional do it. It's not a do it yourself kind of job unless you have real skills in that area. I don't think that kind of expense is warranted in a 27 year old boat in the boat size and price range you are in. If you had a 40', 27 year old Hatteras, that would be a different story.
A nice price cut will probably give you your quickest, least painful solution to moving the boat before additional expenses hit you.
DogDaze Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 17:49:06
with a little work (maybe a fresh coat of Imron or Awlgrip) it has potential to be a nice boat... They were great running boats in their day.. We had the updated 280 (same hull) & was a very good running boat. She took a LOT of rough Lake Erie water & typically, never a problem. I don't think you'll have that much trouble selling her if you're flexible on your price.
cwms Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 16:06:25
I've heard of what j-d says. Just check it out for details before going the charity approach. Why not ask your broker if he thinks another $1500-2000 off the asking price would get you a quick sale.
j-d Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 15:22:09
I don't know if this is still in effect but, there used to be an exception to cwms' "actually sells" for statement.

Used to be we could donate and deduct "book value" whatever that was.

Then a number of years ago, rules changes to "actually sells" but my understanding the exception is: IF the charity uses the vehicle (boat?) in their program, then you can claim "book." Making up an example: You donate Granpa's Town Car to Meals on Wheels. If they auction it off for $500, that's your deduction. If they title/tag it and use it to deliver meals and Book is $2000, then you can claim $2000.

Verify before donating. Say Meals on Wheels uses the Town Car then sells it for $500 after three months because it's such a gas hog, then can you still claim the $2000?
cwms Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 15:03:45
The way I understand donated boats, you can only write off the amount of money the charity actually sells the boat for. So, if you donate your boat and it is auctioned off for $3000, all you get is a $3000 deduction and depending on your tax bracket, that will only net you less than $1000.
That's why I say, if you let it go fast for $3000, you're way ahead of the game.
defboat Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 14:45:55
Originally posted by rnbenton

Got a link to the Broker listing?


Good advice, thanks!
DogDaze Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 12:55:22
Originally posted by cwms

Financially, you would come out way ahead selling it at half asking price than taking a tax deduction.

agree w/that..
rnbenton Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 12:52:36
Got a link to the Broker listing?

cwms Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 12:34:39
Financially, you would come out way ahead selling it at half asking price than taking a tax deduction.
DogDaze Posted - Jun 11 2013 : 10:23:28
Originally posted by defboat

I've heard of BoatAngel, but have never had that experience..
But I do believe that if you plan to donate that it would only apply as a tax deduction if you itemize.. (tho, I could be wrong)

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