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 anyone tried MagicEzy?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
The Other Gary Posted - Mar 13 2014 : 18:17:14

47   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
CurrentSea Posted - Jun 19 2014 : 11:54:46
So where we at with this product.
Was just looking to order the hairline fix but need to figure out my white color!
mixman Posted - Jun 10 2014 : 08:11:56
Originally posted by Audrey II

Kurt that's a good enough guess thanks. I have a few chips I would like to fill all small so one tube should do the trick, I'm just not sure about the color.

Dave, is your Trojan the same color as John's?
Audrey II Posted - Jun 10 2014 : 07:15:50
Kurt that's a good enough guess thanks. I have a few chips I would like to fill all small so one tube should do the trick, I'm just not sure about the color.
mixman Posted - Jun 10 2014 : 05:35:32
Originally posted by Audrey II

How many chips can one tube fix?

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? :-)

If you're talking about BB-sized chips, maybe 20 or so.
damaib Posted - Jun 09 2014 : 21:27:42
Looks like AB Marine in Middletown, Rhode Island sells it.
Audrey II Posted - Jun 09 2014 : 20:20:39
How many chips can one tube fix?
mixman Posted - Jun 09 2014 : 19:54:02
We just got the boat back to MD from FL and I was cleaning things up today. I noticed the hairline repair product seems to work better than the gelcoat chip repair. I think the latter needs a second coat or I may not have shaken it well enough. But I'm still overall pleased. The hairline cracks I had were my biggest concern and they look repaired.
Gregory S Posted - Jun 09 2014 : 10:14:40
Rumdiet was trying to distribute this product. I sent him an e mail back in April and never heard anything back.
folieadeux Posted - Jun 09 2014 : 09:32:05
Any update on where to buy the product ?
firecadet613 Posted - Jun 05 2014 : 08:08:09
Any updates how it is holding up?
mixman Posted - Apr 17 2014 : 12:34:07
I think you might be beat on the distributorship as they made a bunch of connections about a month ago including at least one major marine distributor as well as some US-based online retailers. Once they have inventory in hand your local marine supply store should be able to get it for you.

Les should look into their "Affiliate Program" and provide an ordering link here on BE. The commissions can help finance this forum.
RumDiet Posted - Apr 17 2014 : 10:34:24
We are trying to get the distributorship - I don't want to violate forum rules - PM me
The Other Gary Posted - Apr 17 2014 : 10:29:13
They are now showing a US and a Canadian number. The CDN was local to me so I called and got a nice recorded voice message.
I guess they are trying to get this going.

Gregory S Posted - Apr 17 2014 : 10:28:01
I'd like to order also. I have a hairline crack in the non skid gelcoat that I want to fix. It's been there for years with no change but I'm tired of looking at it.
mixman Posted - Apr 17 2014 : 10:13:01
Dave, they've seen this thread and been in touch with me about using my pictures. I'll e-mail them with your question and let you know. Given the time difference I should hear back from them late this evening our time.
CurrentSea Posted - Apr 17 2014 : 09:26:00
Ok so how can we get more product with lower shipping cost.
Any local distributors yet?

I have swim platform cracks I want to fix.
mixman Posted - Apr 16 2014 : 05:53:00
You're completely correct that this product is a heck of a lot more expensive than gelcoat. However, it's a heck of a lot easier to work with. Minimal prep work (just clean the area) and no sanding required. Plus, gelcoat is hard for me to fit in my refrigerator for storage :-)

I'm glad I tried it.
RumDiet Posted - Apr 14 2014 : 20:02:54
Seems a bit on the pricey side - especially when compared to gelcoat.
mixman Posted - Apr 14 2014 : 19:56:46
I give it two thumbs up. I just didn't want people to see those pictures and expect miracles. It does repair cracks and chips quite well. Certainly better than anything else I've ever tried. They are working with US distributors now to get the product in-stock in N. America.

John's a much better photographer than I am. Perhaps sometime this week he and I can do a repair or two on his boat and he can better document it.
RumDiet Posted - Apr 14 2014 : 19:42:29
So is it a thumbs up or down?
mixman Posted - Apr 14 2014 : 19:38:04
We can give it a shot sometime soon. As soon as it warms back up that is!
jmeirhofer Posted - Apr 14 2014 : 19:32:45
They certainly look good to me. I have a half dozen of those cracks and chips. When can you fix mine? Lol
mixman Posted - Apr 14 2014 : 18:58:47
We finally had a warm enough weekend to try these products. First is the Hairline Crack Repair. NOTE: I took the before shot at a different time and with a different camera. The product isn't a miracle but it does work. Just please take the "after" shots with a grain of salt. Consider them what others will see when you're finished. You will still see the damaged area! :-)

And here's after application. Note: to the naked eye the cracks in the non-skid really improved. I the smooth area at the top of the picture the naked eye can still see the cracks, but this picture shows you what everybody but YOU will see :-)

And here's a gelcoat repair sample. Before:

And after (again, I can still see it with my eyes but it is much better):

HarlenW Posted - Apr 08 2014 : 11:10:18
Thanks, Kurt, this is very helpful.
Gregory S Posted - Apr 08 2014 : 09:38:44
Looking forward to the results.
mixman Posted - Apr 07 2014 : 18:52:05
It was too cold this weekend to try the Hairline Crack product, but I touched up a chip in my cabin with the 9 Second Gel Coat Repair. I need a second application, but it seemed pretty decent and certainly better than the chip repair product sold here in the US. I actually just got off the phone with them. They said the $30 shipping was a mistake and they refunded $15 of that. They also said they had to shut down their Amazon store as the international aspect of it kept causing too many issues. I hope to try the rest of the products within the next week and I will report back with pictures and perhaps some better news on purchasing the products in N. America.
mixman Posted - Apr 04 2014 : 19:18:19
I looked on Amazon today as well and noticed it's gone. I may have just wasted $75? We'll see. I'll report back.
HarlenW Posted - Apr 04 2014 : 17:31:49
Its funny, two weeks ago when this topic first appeared I checked and they had a store on Amazon with $5 shipping but I can't find it now.
RumDiet Posted - Apr 04 2014 : 12:32:00
I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on the product as well - have a chance to carry it - can eliminate the huge shipping costs from Australia.
Gregory S Posted - Apr 04 2014 : 08:54:10
I'm interested in this also so am anxious to hear what you think.
mixman Posted - Apr 04 2014 : 08:42:47
With any luck you can see before and after results this weekend. Winds are supposed to be gusting into the 30s so we'll be in the slip working on projects. We'll probably arrive around mid-day Saturday. Thankfully, winds will be out of the west so your boat will block me :-)
jmeirhofer Posted - Apr 04 2014 : 08:26:33
Let me know the results of the hair line crack repair as I have a couple I would like to clean up.
mixman Posted - Apr 04 2014 : 07:51:49
My order arrived yesterday (2.5 weeks after placing it). I'll be giving at least the hairline repair product a try as soon as weather permits. I did send the company an e-mail stating that while I'm looking forward to trying the products, the $30 USD shipping seemed to be a bit steep considering the mailing envelope arrive with just two $2.60 AUD stamps on it!
mixman Posted - Mar 17 2014 : 08:38:45
Captain Tolley's works well, but it's not a cosmetic finish.
Reel Antsy Posted - Mar 17 2014 : 08:32:36
There's also Captain Tolley's Creaping Crack Cure, which has been around for a while. Haven't used it but from those who have, they swear by it...
mixman Posted - Mar 17 2014 : 08:02:01
I ordered this:

It is hairline and gel coat repair with a free Megafusion. Exchange rate made it $45 usd and change but $30 shipping. I need "snow white" but if you need another color Hairline Repair is available on Amazon for $25 and shipping under $5 per tube. It appears they're just getting their Amazon store up and running.
Neverending Posted - Mar 16 2014 : 22:28:39
Originally posted by CurrentSea

Mark, I am interested. Maybe share a tube? I have some spider cracks I want to repair.

Dave - It's not necessary to "share a tube." I'll order it and when and if the weather warms up, I'll uncover my boat and try it (I only have one spot with a spider crack). If it works, I'll give you the rest of the tube. Based upon the weather, we will probably be trying it sometime in July, lol.

Just be greatful we are not on the Great Lakes. They may never thaw this summer!
HarlenW Posted - Mar 16 2014 : 16:57:38
Originally posted by GSENT

I have not seen anywhere stating that it is waterproof. I am assuming topside only?

I recall reading that it is not waterproof.
GSENT Posted - Mar 16 2014 : 09:54:29
I have not seen anywhere stating that it is waterproof. I am assuming topside only?
CurrentSea Posted - Mar 16 2014 : 05:43:40
Mark, I am interested. Maybe share a tube? I have some spider cracks I want to repair.

Neverending Posted - Mar 16 2014 : 00:08:07
I would love to get two (2) tubes, Chip Fix and Hairline Fix. I suspect that Chip Fix works fine, but I'm dying to see if the Hairline Fix product really works. I think it would have to have an elastic component to really work.

AustinPaul Posted - Mar 15 2014 : 20:47:52
Definitely looks interesting. The Nanotech website shows the chipfix tube at $25. I have a spot I would love to try it on. Way cheaper than having the fiberglass I use come down to fix it.

Mark_J Posted - Mar 15 2014 : 14:00:46
I ordered a tube of ChipFix. Price with shipping is 37.72 AUD. I don't know exactly how much thatr is in American dollars, but it is probably cheaper than the $55 I spent for a small jar of Sea Ray gel coat.
HarlenW Posted - Mar 15 2014 : 12:04:32
I agree it is a bit pricey but if it works as shown it would be worth it to me. Flat rate shipping from Australia is $15; I presume that is for any number of tubes. My challenge is the off white color of my Mainship; I would be guessing as to what color to buy.

Iím considering it.
CurrentSea Posted - Mar 14 2014 : 19:46:08
I saw $25 for a tube. I would try it. Got some small hairline cracks on swim platform where prior owner hit dock.
Bob J Posted - Mar 14 2014 : 18:40:38
Originally posted by Neverending

Product looks interesting and easy to use, but a bit expensive. Has anyone used it?

Mark, where did you see price? I navigated site somewhat but did not see prices.
Neverending Posted - Mar 14 2014 : 17:23:08
Product looks interesting and easy to use, but a bit expensive. Has anyone used it?

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