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 Looking at 1987 3807 Aft Cabin

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Jan 20 2016 : 21:18:47
We are looking at a 3807 Aft cabin this weekend. Fresh water boat its whole life. Plan on running it down to Florida in the fall of 2016. Seeking info from this group of Carver owners. Any specific items we should be looking for? Window or stanchion leaks, soft spots in the deck ect. 660 hrs dock queen. A survey will be ordered later. This will be our fifth motoryacht. Never had a Carver before. Using it as a live aboard during the winter.

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DUSTCUTTER Posted - Apr 16 2016 : 21:52:56
Sea trials completed. Hour and a half. Boat ran great. Tomorrow, generator, A/C units, stove, refrig, shower sumps. Chilly on the water.

DUSTCUTTER Posted - Apr 02 2016 : 19:31:08
Boat has no reserve tank for steering. Two line system. Pumped out old fuel. New impellers. Cleaned air filters. Sea trials scheduled for next Saturday, weather provided. Right now not looking good.

cmariner32 Posted - Mar 15 2016 : 23:29:18
I have a 38 Santego. If the presure tank is not obvious in the engine room-most are-follow the black plastice tubes from the rams ont the steering link and see where they lead to. Carver, in my expierience is much better at figuring servicing after the fact than most brands. On my three previous Carvers, the tank was located either on the transom of the side of the gunnel. Following the black tubing is the easiest method to find where the tank is.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Mar 15 2016 : 21:59:26
Still trying to locate steering pressure tank. Need help from a 3807 owner. Also, is hyd helm a 2 or 3 hose? Sectional couch will have to be either taken apart or cut apart. Trying to find new couch that will fit thru door.

DUSTCUTTER Posted - Mar 11 2016 : 22:50:11
Survey results are in. No moisture or delam spots in hull, deck, stringers or bridge. A few spots in bow pulpit and swim platform. Bimini, side curtains for bridge and aft deck almost new. As expected boat need to rubbed out and a polymer applied. Bottom needs paint. Sea trials coming at end of March or first week or so of April. Lots of interior work to do once sea trial is completed.

32carv Posted - Mar 08 2016 : 19:31:07
Good luck! Make sure you are there for survey and ask a lot of questions.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Mar 08 2016 : 18:12:00
The weather has been very nice here. Survey will take place this Friday. Sea trials toward the end of the month.

DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 19 2016 : 22:45:49
Compression tests for both motors are in. Lowest number 146 highest numbers 155. Generator run and loaded at 60%. Now waiting for surveyor and sea trial.

32carv Posted - Feb 16 2016 : 22:27:52
I would slow down a bit until the survey and sea test are done. With an older boat, you never know what ghosts will appear.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 16 2016 : 19:46:21
This Thursday/Friday, marina were boat is on the hard will power up both engines. Do a compression test. Then rewinterize. All cylinder numbers will be in my possession on Monday. If motors pass, hull survey is scheduled for April 2. Sea trial April 9. Possession will be on Monday April 11.Interior removal, will start the following weekend. All soft surfaces will be removed, marked. We will use these for templates. What we have found so far is a boat that was hardly used. Its all about the buy side and the dollars/time that is required to restore. Boat bones are very important. More to follow. All conditions must be met before any work starts.

Gregory S Posted - Feb 16 2016 : 13:32:02
How do you start working on a boat before you take possession of it?
nwaring Posted - Feb 16 2016 : 10:48:11
Ron, check and see if the furniture comes apart for easy removal. If it has true "marine" furniture it should. My 87 Mainship was that way and when I bought all new it also came apart and everything went through the main hatch.

Good Luck
eric_b Posted - Feb 16 2016 : 10:13:11
On my '32 it is at the stern of the boat close to the starboard rudder. It is a smallish 3 gallon size tank with a pressure gauge on top and a fluid level on the side.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 16 2016 : 08:26:13
Need help in locating steering pressure tank .
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 17:51:01
I appreciate the heads up. Just want to be prepared. Very limited time to get things done.
Want to be heading south around Labor day. Some of the marinas that we are looking at have a 6 to ten month waiting list. Still need to schedule surveyor. Which will happen on Monday. This way his inspection will be done in April prior to launch and see trial.

boatbum Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 16:46:17
The only reason I say this is because I know someone who installed canvas and went whole hog before the deal was done, and they lost everything.
No changes until the deal is done!
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 16:29:07
Just got back from the boat. Found the sea cocks that feed both heads. Located by the engines. Per your instructions. Also located bimini, strata glass for aft deck and bimini sides.
Boat we put the deposit on happens to be located very close to our marina. So this weekend, with the weather being so nice. Worked on our boat and spent some time going over the Carver. We have started on a list of the things we want to change or improve. Launch looks to be first of April. Previous owner has started to remove his personal items. Title is clean with no liens.

boatbum Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 10:48:20
Don't get too involved before the deal is closed. Seen it happen.
pdecat Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 10:38:05
If you are moving to salt water fresh water flush is important to avoid smells. Sea strainers are a good idea in salt water. You might want to consider adding closed cooling to keep the salt out of the engines.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 09:46:09
That is what I want to avoid. Heading to the boat shortly. Todays project. Find water feed to both heads. Locate which front windshield will come out. Boat has no lower station. Gives me plenty of clearance to remove furniture. Start cleaning inside of boat. Temp here today near 50.

cwms Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 09:02:19
On my current boat, I rigged up a system to have a fresh water flush when needed. The only time I use it is Sunday night when I'm closing up to boat to go home. I realized the only time salt water was a smell issue was the first flush when we came back to the boat on Friday night. The water in the feed hose gets funky.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 07 2016 : 00:08:12
The sinks are close by. Any reason I cannot tap cold line? What about check valve?

cwms Posted - Feb 06 2016 : 23:32:29
All the thru hulls are in the engine room. If I recall 3 are on the port side and all can be reached from the middle crawl space. 4 are on the port side and not easily accessible.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 06 2016 : 20:04:55
Back to the heads. Where would the thru hulls be located. If there are thru hulls. They must be easy to get to.

cwms Posted - Feb 06 2016 : 15:06:38
The heads are most likely Crown electrics. Good units and fairly easy to work on with re-build kits. I did both of ours.
I would assume you are using raw water to feed the heads. Easy to find out. You should have 7 thru hulls on that boat...3 to feed the engines and Genset, 1 combined for holding tank discharge, 2 to feed water to the heads and 1 to feed the AC units.
boatbum Posted - Feb 06 2016 : 08:04:31
Good Luck Ron!
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 06 2016 : 07:52:35
The heads seem to be crown electric. Is this correct? Is water supplied from fresh water holding tank? Did Carver run PVC for the long runs, or did they use hose? Also could someone post a pic of the cushions located on front on the flybridge console. I believe they are missing. Also helm seat.

cwms Posted - Feb 05 2016 : 14:46:41
Good luck with this. Once you get everything done you want, you will have yourself a pretty nice boat.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 05 2016 : 12:33:51
Offer accepted. When the weather improves, time for survey, inspection and sea trial. End of April most likely.
rythmstrat Posted - Feb 02 2016 : 06:51:25
My '90 Santego does not have sea water strainers. Raw water 7.4 Mercruisers. I was surprised....
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Feb 01 2016 : 20:17:56
Correct, raw water cooling. Submitted offer today. Lots of work to do if this goes forward.

eric_b Posted - Feb 01 2016 : 09:12:00

Kenny (Ramsport47) may be better to answer this, but from my experience at looking at many 1980's era carvers and owning one that does not have sea strainers I think it is very common for raw water cooled version to not have them. The fresh water cooled models seem to have sea strainers. Is the one you looked at raw water cooled?

DUSTCUTTER Posted - Jan 31 2016 : 18:16:12
My first offer will be 12 thousand. If accepted, next stop spring time launch and sea trial, inspection and survey. This project would be fill in work for my employees. They could knock this out in about 300 hrs. Plus materials.

cwms Posted - Jan 31 2016 : 17:34:49
The fuel switches are in the aft cabin closet. Our '88 did have sea strainers.
Sounds like that boat needs LOTS of work. Do you mind if we ask how much you plan to offer?
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Jan 31 2016 : 17:24:28
Made the trip today to see the boat. Almost 60 deg here on the north coast. Boat has been out of the water for several years. Going to submit offer on Monday. Subject to sea trial, survey and inspection. All inside and outside furniture needs replaced. Also carpet inside and out, bimini, galley flooring, drapes, blinds, all inside soft surface. Bilges look clean. Engine hrs 526. Gen hrs 200. Boat needs washing and rub out and wax. Fresh water boat its whole life.

Noticed that engines did not have sea strainers. Is this a common practice for Carver?

Need help on locating fuel distribution panel.


waybomb Posted - Jan 25 2016 : 12:54:51
FWIW - we had a 1988 4207. Fridge went bad. Took the doors and hinges off of it, and took the door between the aft deck and the cabin completely out - frame and all. Replacement fridge went in the same way.
32carv Posted - Jan 25 2016 : 12:12:56
I used to check on my boat after it was wrapped, but after 15 years of finding nothing and not really figuring out what I was looking for, I stopped checking. Now I just go once in a while to sit and have a beer.
boatbum Posted - Jan 25 2016 : 07:37:50
Based on that I would be suspicious of the boat because the owner is not even in touch with how the shrink wrap was done. He has not been there since it was wrapped and thus has not checked on it.
However at least he did wrap it based on what you saw.

32carv Posted - Jan 24 2016 : 23:53:50
Look at the positive. Now you know nobody else is looking at it. Good to have this info while negotiating. Owner let you look at it without he or broker being there?
Audrey II Posted - Jan 24 2016 : 21:52:25
That is what duct tape is for.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Jan 24 2016 : 18:08:41
Delay: Drove out to the boat this Sunday afternoon. Owner gave me instructions that there was a door in the shrink to gain access. Brought my own ladder and camera. Arrived at boat. No access door. Owner out of town, not expected to return to mid week. Update to follow.
cwms Posted - Jan 23 2016 : 12:08:09
If you do have to remove something large, remember you can remove the companionway double doors to make the opening a few inches wider.
boatbum Posted - Jan 23 2016 : 09:25:51
Bring a tape measure with you. Measure the widest opening and then look at the front windows to see how they come out in case you need to go there. Did I say in case? Check that thought. You will most likely have to go there at some point.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Jan 23 2016 : 08:37:21
Tomorrow is the day for inspection. Adding to the list to measure entry doors. Plus all large objects that need to be replaced. Depending on what we find. We could have an offer in on Monday subject to survey and sea trials in the spring. I will report back on Sunday what we have found. More to discuss.

32carv Posted - Jan 23 2016 : 08:03:12
Even the bigger Carvers run into that situation. My friend had a 44 foot aft cabin and we took the windshield out to change the the fridge out.
boatbum Posted - Jan 21 2016 : 20:56:53
The worst of it will be getting it inside without ripping up the boat. We have had to remove the center window from our boat a few times for things like a fridge, chairs etc.. PITA.
cwms Posted - Jan 21 2016 : 20:53:07
We only looked at two 3807's and neither had a lower station, but I think it was an available option. As far as putting in a washer/dryer, I guess anything is possible, but it would be a costly install meaning a complete redesign of a cabin. We have friends who used to have a 4207 and it did have an installed washer/dryer.
DUSTCUTTER Posted - Jan 21 2016 : 19:56:00
Many thanks for all your input. We will be there on Sunday to check things out and to take lots of pictures. Was the lower station an option? Is there a closet big enough to put in a washer dryer? A splendid. Washer/dryer in one.
Did this year of motors come with thunder bolt ignition system, ( pointless ). Our trip to Florida will be at hull speed. We are in no rush. Plan to visit as many vineyards & golf courses along the way. While eating our way through the Culinary Institute:)I have put a punch list together to keep my focus on point.

32carv Posted - Jan 21 2016 : 19:41:49
The water getting past the fill cap and into the gas tank is very common with that design. The cap sits flat on the deck and water will get in if it is not tight or the "o" ring fails. Mine was cracked and looked like dry rot. I think previous owner just abandoned the tank and screwed me on the purchase. I should have noticed the valves running off one tank but missed it. Surveyor walked by it as well.
cwms Posted - Jan 21 2016 : 10:50:01
I might add that when we sold our boat 6 years ago, the only major issue the surveyor found was both holding tanks needed to be replaced. The one on the port side is easy to get to and big deal. However, the one on the starboard side is a different story. For that one, you have to remove the refrigerator and take it out that way. It was NOT an easy job to do. If it needs to be done, whoever does it, do yourself a favor and order replacement tanks that are slightly smaller than original. Makes replacing them a little easier.

If you do buy it, don't hesitate to touch base with me. Any issues that come up, I may have already addressed them and may know some shortcuts.

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