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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Sunny Posted - Jan 18 2007 : 08:06:17
Welcome to the Woman's Forum

It's great to have the women boat owners, now be able to guide us. Most of us are not that thin-skinned, but it will be nice to have a place, where "dumb" questions don't get mocked, and the tone is a little kinder. I suspect that those who need to get their fill of snide remarks will still get them, but not on this forum.
Ok gals, I could use a co-moderator,preferably a single owner.

3557 Carver Montego
30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Dani-Lu Posted - Jan 26 2013 : 10:00:06
They own our homes and left us with our boats. Our plan has worked! Only kidding ladies!
HOGAN Posted - Jan 26 2013 : 09:43:38
Remember this forum?

Where have all the ladies gone?
Flutterby Posted - Aug 10 2009 : 05:06:47
Let's just let sleeping dogs lay.......this is wasted bandwidth!
Tanqueray Posted - Aug 09 2009 : 19:51:34
Maybe the guys can help get this Woman's Forum going again for them?
carver 2557 Posted - Aug 09 2009 : 19:09:25
And a streaker at that...
Tanqueray Posted - Aug 09 2009 : 17:47:47
WOW.....First new post in over 2 years
LDK Posted - Aug 09 2009 : 17:01:13
I can't help it, its something I have always wanted to do.....streak a womans forum. OK here it goes..............................................whew, alittle out of breath. Thanks

Sunny Posted - May 13 2007 : 18:06:01
Welcome Honora, feel free to ask away!
lil red truck Posted - May 13 2007 : 12:27:25
Hi. I have been lurking in this forum since I think of this as a more
boating related forum, and have been boatless. Now it seems that issue
has been remedied and I'll be asking plenty'o questions.
I'm glad this forum exists.

Katie Posted - May 03 2007 : 08:52:54
Katie, you can teach folks how to do this 'n that on your boat or theirs w/o the license as long as you do not charge $$$$ for lessons. I do it all the time. Quite a few women want to learn from another woman boater and I am happy to share my knowledge and skills.

Flutter, your right, I can do that. But unfortunately my creditors don't want to hear that version so I need to provide myself with a living, using my skills and boat. If it were off the cuff conversation, I always share what I know.. I agree with you.
joyce GVL Posted - Feb 03 2007 : 16:47:12
1St Witch, we need your input, have always loved your comments on "non-boater" the women here need your support. Joyce GVL
Nancy Posted - Jan 24 2007 : 21:21:18

Best of luck! This sounds like lots of fun and a great idea.

Flutterby Posted - Jan 24 2007 : 12:48:58
Katie, you can teach folks how to do this 'n that on your boat or theirs w/o the license as long as you do not charge $$$$ for lessons. I do it all the time. Quite a few women want to learn from another woman boater and I am happy to share my knowledge and skills.
Art Posted - Jan 24 2007 : 00:20:37
Katie ... lots of luck! I'm sure you will pass the test. You have always done what you set out to do.
Katie Posted - Jan 24 2007 : 00:08:52
ok ladies.. after Monday.. I swear, I want to get together with everyone and celebrate, Ihope :(
I am in the middle of taking my OUPV USCG Capt. Course and I take the test on Monday. I am a nervous wreck because I really didn't konw what I was getting myself into. It's damn hard and long. 65 hours in 9 days. Talk about cramming. But.. when I'm done, it will allow my to teach womens boating classes aboard my boat or theres. Everyone always asks me.. can you show me how to use my boat.. or show me how to dock. I can't, I don't have a Capts. License! Pray ladies.. pray I pass this test. I want it sooo bad.
BJL Posted - Jan 22 2007 : 10:55:57
Irene! So nice to see you're still involved. So many times we've wanted to call you and I apologize for not doing so. Would love to see you and hope you're doing well. Winter get together would be great and if not, you're welcome on our boat anytime it's in the water!
marsij Posted - Jan 22 2007 : 07:50:17
Hi Irene. Sorry to hear you are selling the boat. I was thinking about you and hope you are doing well. You will always be part of the "family" with boat or without!
Art Posted - Jan 22 2007 : 07:42:03
Hi Girls - Irene here.
Wouldn't you know it? Just when I'm selling the boat, you show up with a women's forum! If you plan a winter get-together, I'd love to see you all again. Maybe as a honorary member?
cmbarger Posted - Jan 20 2007 : 18:33:10
Thanks, Amelia. We hope to do it again (well, maybe not all of it) one day. I hope to retire in five more years, and then our plan is to cruise full time. I hope that the ICW on the East Coast will be in better shape then, as from what I hear, the shoaling problems have only worsened since we came through your neck of the woods--or is that your neck of the waterway? Beautiful area.
amelia Posted - Jan 20 2007 : 10:49:40
What fun it was hopping and skipping through the Calypso Poet adventures. Vicarious cruising for us for a while, but someday....look out, world!
cmbarger Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 22:19:21
I agree that this forum is welcome and long overdue. I'm a river boater, OUPV captain, and holder of BaccaLOOPerate (i.e., completed Great Loop cruise). My husband and I divide duties on the boat. I do the docking, the locks, and the cooking; he is the line handler, mechanic, long-stretch helmsman, and dishwasher. Works for us!
marsij Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 20:18:27
Katie, Katie, long time no talk. Glad to see your back! Lets you & your tribe, BJL, us & anyone else in the NY/NJ waters meet on the sound for lunch this summer! Praying lots to have more boating time this year, would love to meet John & Tammy out at Watch Hill again!
Sunny Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 15:52:49
" He freaks me out in channels as he gets this close to the edge."

LOL, Linda I can relate to that!

Not from Miami, but it low 20's here so I wish I was! Welcome to the group.
New Salt Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 15:45:57
Good heavens! I don't read for a few days and look what I missed! Talk about "itchy fingers" while I was reading all the stuff posted in the Women Only topic!

O.K. here goes: Linda R. from just south of Miami here. My SO and I attended a CGAux class (the long one for me too) and on the first night we were hooked into joining the Auxiliary.
What better source of good info could we get than that? We have been very active with them for about 2 years now. We wanted to learn the proper way to boat before we got our boat which we got a year later. Oh how I wanted to post on the other topic about how I am the one that runs the boat, docks, etc. My poor husband isn't allowed! (Wonder how many itchy fingers THAT comment will make? ) He freaks me out in channels as he gets thisclose to the edge. Anyway, I'm glad we are doing this; it should be fun!

Anyone of us in the Miami area?

Linda R.
Sunny Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 07:46:40
Hi Katie & welcome we're glad your here!
Check with Les re; anchor
BJL Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 06:53:30
Katie!! So nice to see you again. Tried to email you back awhile ago to meet for those drinks but never heard from you. We'd love to see you before boating season so get in touch!
Katie Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 00:08:49
Hey.. where's my anchor? :( and my boat.. ahhhhhh where'd it go?
Katie Posted - Jan 19 2007 : 00:08:08
Hello Ladies !!

Katie Hansen here from Long Island, NY. Who's idea was this to spearhead this 5 year too late forum? What refreshing place to hang. I kind of lost my interest in the forums because my measley little voice got lost amongst the testosterone.. but this is quite a treat I must say.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
1stwitch Posted - Jan 18 2007 : 12:55:08
What?! No snide remarks?!! lol

BJL Posted - Jan 18 2007 : 09:48:41
Glad this forum was started. I'm at work now so just checking in but I'll have more to say later!

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