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 Problems with A/C on a new Meridian 341, Anyone ?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Ocean Spray Posted - Jun 11 2007 : 20:13:58
Hello All,

. Over the weekend, my wife noticed a strange smell comming oput from the a/c ducts on our boat.

I smelled it too, and it smells like wires burning but not as bad as an electrical burn if ya know what I mean, a weird smell.

Anyway, it seems that the cabin gets up to temperature and the a/c unit shuts of and the blower stops for a few seconds, (Like 10 to 20 seconds), then you can hear the blower try to restart but it does not, then you hear it try again, and the compressor kicks on and you get that smell.

This has been happening in the main salon. The last night we spent on the boat it started in the Master cabin as well which I find very strange because it has its own a/c unit seperate from the main salon. Has anyone ever encountered this?


Any information would be appretiated.

Ocean Spray II
17   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Billylll Posted - Nov 11 2011 : 08:17:22
What BTU size are both your reverse air units? Sounds to me like if it is an issue specific to the 341 as the dealer says it maybe undersized AC wiring to the unit. This would cause a voltage drop which leads to the unit drawing excessive current then tripping the breaker.
Depending on the unit your's and mine don't have it a soft start would help solve the problem assuming there is nothing wrong with the AC unit. If the electrical smell issue is still there then you still have a problem.
PatSea Posted - Nov 11 2011 : 08:00:30
I would check out the blower motor carefully. From your description of "blower trys to restart" it may be a defective blower motor. As said earlie, it could be a defective capacitor also.
Billylll Posted - Nov 10 2011 : 23:57:00
I have MarineAir units and had a corroded lug on the start capacitor. It actually melted the wire from the heat in my stateroom 16,000 BTU unit. I replaced the wire and lug a few weeks before pulling the boat last December. The unit has been running all Summer and now into late Fall with no signs of the new wire and lug getting hot. I thought it might be a bad start capacitor when I 1st discovered it but it was not. Also make sure your transom AC inlets on the boat are in good shape. I remove mine twice every season to make sure the wires are not corroded and clean. My boat has (2) 30 amp inlets for the shore cords to plug into. This is the number #1 spot to look for low or sagging AC voltage problems on a boat. It's also one of the highest probabilities for insurance claims when a boat catches on fire. Make sure the unit is getting the rated voltage on the AC control board next to the compressor.
My AC units (both 16,000BTU reverse air units) are only a few years old and each run off a seperate side of the AC main panel. They are by far the largest (power hogs) AC current draw on most boats. The problem can be worse if you are on a dock with poor power that is loaded with other boats also running larger AC units. Our marina has an anemic AC distribution system. My AC units actually work better when I run the generator because I have more killowatts available from the generator than is available at my pedestal.
This winter I will be helping the marina upgrade the electrical system on my side of the docks. I will be getting my own feed to my pedestal for helping plan and install the new wire and distribution system.
Ocean Spray Posted - Jul 09 2007 : 21:55:38
Hey Camran,
You should call .
Camran Posted - Jul 04 2007 : 12:53:25
I live in Venice, Fl. and I have purchased from MarineMax of Venice
before. Do you still have the same problem with your 341 and who did
you deal with at MarineMax in Venice? I am currently looking for a
preowned 341 and am planning to buy thru them in order to be able to
get a slip there. Do you know of anywhere in Venice area that offers
slips for my future 341? Camran.
Ocean Spray Posted - Jun 26 2007 : 21:02:40
A/C still smells, dealer is looking in to problem, it may be a re-lay switch? Dealer said it was a problem on the 341"s. We shall see when I get her back on Friday.

Ocean Spray II
PascalG Posted - Jun 25 2007 : 15:07:47
just follow the hose from teh pump... Engine water intakes are teh two big ones, so you can pretty much ID these...
millsan1 Posted - Jun 25 2007 : 14:47:08
Yeah, I actually have at each seacock, a wooden bung of the appropriate size, so if I have to, I can pound it in and stop a leak. I am just unsure which of the 5 or so is for the AC. Like I said, the book of "Manuel" will tell me. I am hauling her to work on the trim tab next week, and while she is up, gonna put in a new fishfinder, bottom paint her, etc.
PascalG Posted - Jun 25 2007 : 13:58:13
i agree, no water flow shouldn't trip the breaker, the high press switch should trip before the compressor gets too hot, shut down the compressor and dispaly an error message. Some systems are programmed to self reset 2 or 3 times before giving up.

one reason for the breaker to trip on restart is when the charge is too high and the compressor restarts after cycling off.

Cleaning the strainers is routine maintenance on any boat, you should be familiar with their locations, check them regularly and EVERY TIME you ran into shallow water. It's also a safety issue, knowing where all sea cocks are is absolutely critical.

about the smell in the original post, the compressor and some of the gas lines can get pretty hot. take a look to make sure you don't have insulation or those cable covers melting on the compressor or pipe.
MichaelNJ Posted - Jun 25 2007 : 12:02:57

On the 341 there is only one water pump for both compressors. The pump and strainer are easily accesible through the lazarette in the cockpit. While you are are it, check your engine and generator strainers as well.

I cleaned mine on Saturday.

I don't think that's your problem though. Even with the seacock closed or the pump turned off, the compressor will start. It will shut off after a few minutes and you will get a PS message on your control panel. Tripping the breaker is caused by something else.
Freddy Posted - Jun 25 2007 : 10:34:26

A thought on clean strainers, go to WallyWorld or similiar and buy the 1" chlorine tablets they sell for kiddy pools, place some in your strainer, it will help keep them clean.

millsan1 Posted - Jun 25 2007 : 09:31:25
I think I have to clean mine out. My forward air is tripping hte breaker when the compressor attempts to start. This just started after a very shallow experience up the Hudson, so I am guessing it is somethign in the strainer. Now, to read the manuals and figure out where the strainer for this hides.
wrkalot Posted - Jun 21 2007 : 08:25:23
Yep, I have to clean ours every 2 weeks in the summer... even up here on the Chesapeake.
Ocean Spray Posted - Jun 20 2007 : 22:28:56
Happy to report all it was , was a dirty strainer! Full of sea grass and sludge, once I cleaned it out, no more problem.

My mechanic told me when it gets clogged, it will restrict water flow and cause the unit to overheat, shut down, and then start back up again, while its shut down it heats up and you get the smell when it re-starts.

They recommended cleaning out your strainers every 2 weeks in the summer!

Ahhhh, clean cold air once again! Thanks all!

Ocean Sprayy II
wrkalot Posted - Jun 19 2007 : 14:46:35
You have MarinaAir units. We recently had a capacitor go belly up on us and it sounded (and smelled) just like you describe. Pull the electrical panel off the unit itself and look for burnt wires at the capacitor.
PaulRM Posted - Jun 19 2007 : 14:02:40
Someting is wrong if you are getting a burning smell. The blower can & will shut down with the compressor if programed this way. Most of the time on new units the fan is set for continuous run from the factory. Normally you have to progam them for intermittent fan mode ( running with the compressor. This is done using the A/C conrioller. You should have a manual which will walk you threw step by step on how to set your fan & other functions. But from what you are telling us you have a problem with the A/C unit itself. Before you change anything have the dealer fix it. Do you have a Marine Air or Cruise Air unit. Are you getting any kind of flashing code on the display.
PascalG Posted - Jun 11 2007 : 22:09:46
the blower shoudln't stop when the compressor shuts down. depending on your controls and settigns, the fan may slow down to the lowest speed but not shut down.

should be easy to pinpoint the source... first look at the unit and see what happens to the blower when the compressor stops... then see what happens when it tries to restart. you can also turn the blower on and off manually with the control.

also with the system off, check the blower to see if it turns freely...

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