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T O P I C    R E V I E W
rommer Posted - Jun 28 2007 : 11:29:46
Help spread the word and let people know where our new home is.

Take a moment and let us know your former name if it is different here.

50   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Kellyg Posted - Jul 26 2019 : 23:40:19
There is a new Regal Forum.
The link can be found on the Regal website.
alien1952 Posted - Jul 26 2019 : 19:52:41
dupe post
alien1952 Posted - Jul 26 2019 : 19:51:58
Any idea what went wrong with the site
shall0521 Posted - Jul 23 2019 : 10:11:43
Scott Hall
2001 Regal 2960 Commodore
Gaz Posted - Jan 31 2014 : 13:07:31

Hello All!

I just purchased a 1995 Regal 272 and if anyone has any insights into this class of Regal I would welcome your comments or suggestions.


bobrob Posted - Apr 22 2008 : 00:05:06
what ever happenend to the regal owners web site?
Rugger8 Posted - Oct 22 2007 : 22:16:03
Sorry DogDaze, I did not mean to be so prophetic. I thought the Indians were finally going to win it! Well, there is always next year. And OBTW, don't send Coach after me, I am sure he is not happy after the latest RedWings/Shark outcome either.
DogDaze Posted - Sep 25 2007 : 07:09:57
Hi Kenny Di,

Yes, Port Clinton is about 70 miles west of us, but is in the heart of the Lake Erie Island area... I'm glad you were able to find a boat here you liked and able to ship it back.. we just got back from Buffalo yesterday looking at a very nice 322... what a beautiful area.. if we get this boat, we would be lucky enough to get to bring it home by water.. as opposed to having it hauled back. It would be a nice trip... now all we need to do is to get our 280 sold first..
rommer Posted - Sep 24 2007 : 16:35:13
Originally posted by kirsh

I see that you talk about anchoring, that you can send in twenty dollars to help support the site where can I send the donation ,what address, Kirsh, same name ,new place ,glad to be back.

There is a sale going on, only $19.95 this week!


kirsh Posted - Sep 24 2007 : 15:31:17
Dogdaze ,I see your from Bay Village Ohio , bought my Regal 3860 in Port Clinton had it shipped to Red Bank, NJ what a trip that was.
kirsh Posted - Sep 24 2007 : 15:22:56
I see that you talk about anchoring, that you can send in twenty dollars to help support the site where can I send the donation ,what address, Kirsh, same name ,new place ,glad to be back.
Rugger8 Posted - Sep 21 2007 : 21:15:30
DogDaze, don't jinx me with Coach, I'm trying to get on his good side, so that I can sip from the cup when he wins it this year!

Coach - you might want to think about contacting a boat shipper and have the boat shipped to Southern California that way you could use it all winter. And I am sure it would be a great stress relief when you have one of those tough games. From what I hear it is pretty reasonable.

I have the I/O, which is really great for performance, but if you are in saltwater all the time, the inboards could be a better option. No wonder we did not hear from you, you were on the boat the whole time!
DogDaze Posted - Sep 21 2007 : 07:25:59
Hi Jeff,

Well, if you want to root now for our Tribe, that is OK.. just don't jynx us like you did the Sharks.. will have to send CoachRW after you if you do.. My guess is you guys would be boating all weekend. :)

CoachRW, glad you got to enjoy your summer on the boat..
coachrw Posted - Sep 21 2007 : 00:33:09
I have inboards. Didn't take but 10 minutes to get the hang of it. I put about 20 hrs. on the new boat, and over 130 on the 3360 (all of that in about 2 1/2 months of boating). I'm going through withdrawal now being on the other coast; I have lots of pictures/videos to help me get over not being on the boat everyday. This forum helps for sure, as well.
toddandlori Posted - Sep 20 2007 : 22:18:39
Couldn't Join this Summer-having too much fun on the water!
This was the craziest thing-losing your regal website. And I thought we just drank too much out on the hook all summer. Cheers from Beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho!
PS: Does anyone know Tom from Tom's Boat Shop in Wilbur, WA? Just met him and seems like a standup guy?
Rugger8 Posted - Sep 19 2007 : 22:06:08
Alright DogDaze,

just rub some more salt in that wound, you could have at least sweetened it with a Margarita!

Well, since we are out, I will actually root for the Tribe now, but that might have an adverse effect for you given my track record!
DogDaze Posted - Sep 19 2007 : 15:04:21
Hey Jeff,

Get out the BROOM my friend.. Tribe just SWEPT the Tigers... :)
DogDaze Posted - Sep 19 2007 : 15:03:41
Hi Kenny,

Sure, there's a story line.. here on the forum...

You'll find it in this list of topics:

Specifically, this one you posted on covers it as well as this one too:
kirsh Posted - Sep 19 2007 : 06:54:08
WOW it took me a while ,but I found out where all you guys were hiding,is there a story line on what happened where i can read it, so you don"t have to repeat it again. Glad to be back Kenny Di Red Bank NJ 3860 05
DogDaze Posted - Sep 19 2007 : 04:34:45
Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear you got the windscreen fixed after all that time.. yea, it probably was the cup that broke it.. :O)

Hey Jeff... GO TRIBE!!!! Tee hee..
Rugger8 Posted - Sep 18 2007 : 21:55:57
Exactly Coach, just promise me that you will let me drink from the cup, and I will drive my boat down to meet you. Have you been out on the boat much? did you get the I/O's or the inboards? In any case, enjoy the boat it is great.

DogDaze, maybe it was the stanley cup that busted my window??? (inside joke/long story). Well, it is finally fixed! Ends up Regal ordered the wrong one and that's why it took so long.
DogDaze Posted - Sep 18 2007 : 12:27:49
Hey Coach,

I also wanted to congratulate you on the arrival of your new granddaughter... won't be long and you'll probably have her at the helm.. (on on the ice?) :)
coachrw Posted - Sep 18 2007 : 09:40:05
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We wanted something bigger...I realized that if we win the cup, the 3760 has a little more room to show it off.
DogDaze Posted - Sep 18 2007 : 07:06:36
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your curse on the Indians.. but it didn't help much last night... Maybe it's a reversed curse?? :)

Hi CoachRW,

Nice to see you back w/us... congrads on the new Regal.. we still have the 1989 Stanley Cup version as noted in the pics...
Still looking to get over to Buffalo to looks at Rich's 322 before he pulls it for the season..
Rugger8 Posted - Sep 17 2007 : 22:56:38
Hey Coach,

Glad to see you made it back! Now why is it that you have the same boat as me now??? Are you trying to be like this Red Wing fan??? Great choice in boat and good luck with the upcoming season. As always, I wish you and the sharks the best of luck until you run into the RedWings!

Separately - DogDaze, I curse you and your Indiansrb2rb2@gr5tgr5t!

Just kidding, I don't curse you, but I do curse the Indians...oh wait a minute, they already are...
coachrw Posted - Sep 16 2007 : 09:23:31
Hello to all. I'm finally back. Had a great summer of boating which included a new purchase of a 3760. We named it 'Life of Riley' (in honor (honour for you Canucks) of our new granddaughter, Riley). It's in storage now, and I'm back in San Jose getting the Sharks ready!
Bracati2960 Posted - Sep 12 2007 : 15:46:30
let me try this again:

Bracati2960 Posted - Sep 12 2007 : 15:45:33
I just found this site and great to be back. Now need to fix my profile to include PIC.
Jsheaffer Posted - Aug 30 2007 : 11:28:32
Not that I'm prejudiced just because my 5260 is the 5th boat overall and the 3rd which will be delivered to an owner (hopefully oct-nov) but I love it. I have been on the boat and I can honestly say that they have made several changes from the first boat to the one seen in the Bimini pictures. As to the height it may seem high in the water but it is a compromise to provide unbelieveable height throughout the cabin. As to the engine room it is very roomy either by lifting the main engine hatch, which also lift the garage. In this mode it is a easily accesible space with room to spare. My 4460 ER is much smaller. In addition if you use the cockpit hatch it also has plenty of room to move around. I have cockpit AC added to my boat mostly for very hot rainy days and or cooler fall boating on Lake Michigan.

For the price there is not a value that is even close when you consider size ,standard features and options. Believe I have priced out and had to hold back on my impulse to buy a new or used 52ft plus express while waiting for this boat. IMHO


Rugger8 Posted - Aug 28 2007 : 23:24:11

Welcome back, we missed you....

but most of all....

Megrew Posted - Aug 21 2007 : 18:22:49

Thanks for your comment. It is good to be back at the site.

Thought you might be missing this!!!

DogDaze Posted - Aug 21 2007 : 11:30:34
Still waiting for CoachRW and a few others...
Nouchka Posted - Aug 21 2007 : 10:20:31
Hello Laurence,

Happy you finaly find this new Regal Owner's Forum. I was 'Spitfire' on the old one, now 'Nouchka' here as previous nickname had been already taken.
DogDaze Posted - Aug 21 2007 : 08:45:48
Hi Laurence,

Welcome back, It's about time you arrived back in port.. :) Yours was one name I kept waiting for to show up, but I did not know how to contact you. Have fun at RRR West, as always looking forward to the pictures...
Megrew Posted - Aug 20 2007 : 21:37:51


Back in town, back from 3 weeks of boating and found the site thanks to an Email from Dave (Regal 3060).

Rommer, thanks for your work on this, appreciated. Good to see many familiar names.

Will have to catch up on news etc. But this week am busy getting ready for our first RRR West. With our sponsors the event is free. (We are asking for a donation to the food bank) There will be a BBQ, games for the kids, prizes, boat tests for those that need an operator card, special tests for the younger boaters, free shirts etc.

So far 12 boats and about 40 people are signed up. Will take pictures and provide info shortly.

sugilbert Posted - Aug 13 2007 : 18:37:49
"Rommel" I like it!
amizade Posted - Aug 13 2007 : 18:08:23
Guys, I am glad that all Regal Gang is back. I do not remember if I had the same name in the Regal forum before.

Thank you Rommel for moderating

DogDaze Posted - Aug 12 2007 : 20:45:06
My guess is they never really had any bids or takers on the old site.. so, they just re-directed it to the Sea-Ray Factory Owners forum out of spite...
jazzy Posted - Aug 10 2007 : 21:11:46
Hello All Looks like I'm one of the last to find the new site. what happen to the old site. I had mine booked mark, now when I click on it Sea Ray site comes up. That is just not right. Glade to be back. Jazzy
504wsp Posted - Aug 09 2007 : 23:50:35
ROC could run, but all of you could not hide. Glad I found you. I've been lost the last month and a half. How in the heck did Sea Ray get our old site? Oh well, I didn't have the $ to buy the name. Hope you all have had lots of time on the water. Been a windy summer here!

Same name from old site: 504wsp
sugilbert Posted - Aug 09 2007 : 20:11:20
Glad to have all of you stragglers back. Party time!
Finally Posted - Aug 09 2007 : 17:45:43
Hi all it's great to be back online.
I was Gunnar on the old site now we used the boat name.

Better to find this site later than never.
Nouchka Posted - Aug 09 2007 : 17:27:01
Welcome home ;)
All In Posted - Aug 09 2007 : 16:45:04
Looks like I'm extremely late to the party, but glad to be here! I was a relatively new member at the old forum, but I've felt lost without the wealth of information it held.

Posted as Gin Palace before, but now that the our new boat has a name I've switched to All In.

I've been reading the story of the demise of the Regal Owners Club website and subsequent slamming by a competitor. What a sad story because that site was so great. Oh well. I'm glad I've found everybody!
DogDaze Posted - Aug 08 2007 : 16:50:03
Hi Bill,

Welcome back.. that old link?? it's a communist plot... :)
Billfish Posted - Aug 08 2007 : 15:53:24
Hello Everybody, BillFish is back. Nice to see we have our own club again . Way to go Rommer.I also notice when I went into the old site for Regal Owners Club it put me into the Sea Rays owners club. What is up with that?
ajay Posted - Aug 04 2007 : 20:03:18
found it, see my other post ...

ajay Posted - Aug 04 2007 : 17:27:00
Yahoo!! Finaly found you guys again!

My user name is the same as it was on the regal owners forum.

havent started searching yet, so dont know how much of the old forum data you were able to keep?

I remember reading about some company that archives the whole web every year, maybe we can do some searching and obtain all the old data?

Will be good to chat again, since I last posted I managed to fit two portlight, sort out the shower pump, fix some leaks so been busy boat-DIYing ;)
Dragon342FT Posted - Aug 04 2007 : 10:33:15
Hi all,
Same name as on the old Regal Forum. To say I'm pissed that SeaRay bought our Domain Name is an understatement...
I'm glad we have a new home and I missed talking to you all.

swlen Posted - Aug 04 2007 : 07:24:24
swlen here. Kept the same name as on ROG. I just found that the regal site moved.
I hope to meet some new friends.

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