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T O P I C    R E V I E W
MikeeH Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 14:24:51
Just wondering if any ROs are registered on LinkedIn(dot)com? Looks like a great networking tool.
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rjcress Posted - Mar 02 2009 : 18:11:42
I have been on LinkeIn for 6 months or so and never gotten any junk mail. It has been really useful for finding info about hiring managers when recruiters have been intentionally vague.

You'd be surprised how quickly you can ID everyone in an organization, their education and work history, hobbies, etc. It actually made me uncomfortable the last bit of leg work that I did... the recruiter was vague and said the hiring manager is "Amy", who reports to "Craig". Within 5 minutes I was able to find Amy's profile, Craig's profile, as well as those of everyone else in the organization. I'll talk to one of them tomorrow and have to be mindful to to come across as a creepy stalker-type, as I've never met the guy, but know quite a bit about him from his LinkedIn profile.

One use of LinkedIn that I find intriguing is to locate and contact people who have recently left companies that you are interested in. You can find out some interesting stuff that a current employee may be unwilling to share.

Should you care to learn about me, you can find me at:

I will be laid-off at the end of March, so please let me know if you have any thoughts, leads, jobs, etc. that look like a good fit, after you've seen my profile.
MrsRobinson Posted - Feb 18 2009 : 10:15:12
I am on LinkedIn, feel free to link to me:

I have had a lot of success networking there by joining Groups.
Flutterby Posted - Feb 03 2009 : 14:16:43
I knew a Joe Sauers in Kittridge Colorado; His mother Ann married my Uncle Bill. Are you a relative?
joesauers Posted - Feb 03 2009 : 09:17:48
I am on LinkedIn and have found it to be helpful so far. No junk mail or spam either. Anyone can feel free to reach me at Joe Sauers. Greater Philadelphia Area.
MikeeH Posted - Feb 01 2009 : 12:05:28

Yep, that's me. Michael Heffron.
BillK Posted - Feb 01 2009 : 09:44:25
Mike, I was going to connect with you on linked in, are the Greater Philadelphia Area | Logistics and Supply Chain ?
Riverbed Posted - Jan 28 2009 : 10:31:31
Originally posted by mannmade

Shouldn't what happens in NBR stay in NBR?

We know every time you make a post!

Been on it for about two years - very usefull both personally and professionally. And you've got all your contact and address info in there so when all your call logs and address books mysteriously disappear from your company Blackberry, you've got a back-up.
mannmade Posted - Jan 28 2009 : 10:11:58
Shouldn't what happens in NBR stay in NBR?

MikeeH Posted - Jan 28 2009 : 05:52:41
You can find me on LinkedIn as Michael Heffron.
BillK Posted - Jan 27 2009 : 20:58:48
I use it, good tool.
Flutterby Posted - Jan 24 2009 : 16:29:53
Originally posted by blouderback

I've made a lot of contacts via LinkedIn, and actually hired someone I found via LinkedIn once. Mike are you out of work? What happened to the job in China?

MikeH keeps the ROs updated on things in the NBR forum. He's been laid off by the company that sent him to China. That assignment ended about a year ago......
SteveG Posted - Jan 24 2009 : 13:57:16
Yup, no spam or junk mail, ever from linkedin.

You have to use it right to make it worthwhile, in my opinion. If you just link to everyone under the sun, I think it loses it's value. I've been on there for a few years and have really made some great contacts through it.
Woodsong Posted - Jan 24 2009 : 10:09:01
i've gotten no spam or junk email via linkedin excepting of course the weekly updates the site sends me but those are useful as others stated as they give you updates on others profiles. I have found linkedin useful in that you can see who is connected to who and there have been several instances lately where I did not know so and so knows so and so and have been able, in a very natural way, procure introductions for business leads and vice versa. I thought linked in was a waste of time until the lasft few months when I actually started to try and utilize it.

blouderback Posted - Jan 24 2009 : 09:46:27
I've made a lot of contacts via LinkedIn, and actually hired someone I found via LinkedIn once. Mike are you out of work? What happened to the job in China?
RWS Posted - Jan 24 2009 : 05:56:35
It seems like a way of inviting junkmail, offers and solicitations.

Am I wrong?

I've been invited to join but have not for that reason.

Nancy Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 21:51:06
I'm out there, and it's been good for finding and catching up with old friends, but hasn't been of much business use. Maybe I just don't know how to put it to good use.

Ghost Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 20:19:48
I use it. It's a very valuable tool. Plan on taking some significant time to really flesh out your profile. Easy to get some info on there. Hard to make it concise and convey meaning.

Also, while having too few contacts means your not really networking, you can also sting yourself by having too many. There is such a thing as over networking, you might come off as nothing more than a billboard (looks good but only a half inch thick), or leave an impression as someone who does nothing BUT network. Sort of a guilty until proven innocent kind of thing. Though that also varies considerably by your role (A Salesman would be expected to have lots of contacts).

The point is to get out there and develop good useful contacts to network though, not just make your numbers go up.
CurrentSea Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 19:24:30
I am out there!
Flutterby Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 18:35:05
I can see how that could bite ya in the b#tt!

b_arrington Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 16:59:10
Originally posted by Flutterby

MikeeH won't have any problem with his boss.....who told him to take a hike last week.

Best of luck MikeeH!!!!

I read about that, and it really stinks.

For the rest of us still hanging on, I thought it was a good tip. When I linked to certain people I didn't realize that any time you update your profile everyone you link to gets an update. Kind of a "duh" moment when I figured that out.
Woodsong Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 16:40:21

Linkedin can be great if you use it right. I've already had a couple of very positive business events occur just in the last few months from actively utilizing it and I am not super active...only around 50-55 links right now. At first I didn't see much value in it but I have really started using it lately and really like it.

Flutterby Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 16:15:07
MikeeH won't have any problem with his boss.....who told him to take a hike last week.

Best of luck MikeeH!!!!
b_arrington Posted - Jan 23 2009 : 14:37:55

Can be a good tool, depending on how much you used it. I have relatively few "links", and haven't finished my profile. A friend I work with has over 300 links. Lots of group associations, etc, and growing.

Note: probably not a good idea to "link-in" your boss. Any time you update your profile or add a link, they get an update. So if you go update your professional profile to find a new job, they're likely to know.

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