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T O P I C    R E V I E W
littlebookworm Posted - Dec 19 2010 : 16:00:28
It seems like I'm the only Chaparral owner who visits this forum. I know we owners have our own forum at yahoo, but there're many good people and much good information here. So I ask: Where are all of you? Hy
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jeffk Posted - Jul 03 2011 : 21:37:03
My vinyl dpes also go pink.
Whomever manufactured the vinyl did not put enough biocided in the mix.
A few hours in the sun and it goes away.
My port engine has continually given me problems, so I am replacing it.
My starboard engine just blew a water pump.
I have replaced both water pumps twice and and the electronic fuel pumps on each engine.
No more volvos for me.
almost there Posted - Jun 21 2011 : 14:12:15
I am in Chicago and since the boat was new in 2007 I have have virtually no problems with my chap. Year one, comming out of heated winter storage i had pink hue all over the cabin vinyl which was solved by a few days with an ozone machine running. other that that, the 330 rides well and preforms well.
jeffk Posted - Jan 29 2011 : 21:16:53
well tomorrow I will be back on the boat and enjoying being on the water.
i hope its running well because based on the resell price, I will probably keep it for a while.
jeffk Posted - Jan 29 2011 : 21:16:52
well tomorrow I will be back on the boat and enjoying being on the water.
i hope its running well because b
jeffk Posted - Jan 29 2011 : 21:16:51
well tomorrow I will be back on the boat and enjoying being on the water.
i hope its running well because b
jeffk Posted - Jan 29 2011 : 21:16:50
well tomorrow I will be back on the boat and enjoying being on the water.
i hope its running well because b
littlebookworm Posted - Jan 25 2011 : 22:37:41
Jeff: Theanks for your explanation. I now understand why you're upset with the boat. I've read quite a bit about problems with the guages. We've been lucky so far, I guess. We've only had ours for one season, and even though it's ten years old, everything has been working well. The only "poor design" problem I've found is that the drain in the cockpit port storage compartment is higher than the lowest point in the conpartment so water doesn't drain properly. I wish you the best with whichever boat you find which makes you happy, even if it's not a Chaparral. After all, aren't we all into boating because the sport makes us happy? Hy
Shadowcruzr Posted - Jan 25 2011 : 09:09:48
Yes it is. I wanted one really bad when they came out, but the wife wouldnt let me upgrade. If you want to trade...

I have had decent service out of my Merc. THe motor has been great, its the B3 Drive that was problematic.

I had a great VP parts dealer in Bradenton that I used for my customers. He had most stuff in stock. VP does have strange parts inventory rules. Merc parts are much more prevalent.

Yea in my experience all makes have their tradeoffs. WHen I looked around, I looked at who made the best stuff of the stuff that i cant fix. Thats why i picked Chaparral. I wasnt good at fiberglass back then. They make the strongest hulls. Most all else is the same. Yea my cockpit cushions got moldy, but they havent come unstitched, that kind of stuff. It has served me well for 10 years.
jeffk Posted - Jan 25 2011 : 08:06:56
I guess all boats have their shortcomings. Based on Hogans post I guess he hears a lot of Chap owners bragging about their rides. Nothing wrong with that.
This is my first boat with VP power.
My incidence of repair is much higher than when I had Mercruiser.
Now I never had Merc in Florida but when up North I still put 100 hrs plus a year.
Last week I needed a part and VP said it would take 10 days but for $150 they could ship tomorrow. Not happy with that.
With all of that being said, it is the sharpest looking 28 foot cruiser out there. In my opinion of course.
Shadowcruzr Posted - Jan 25 2011 : 06:50:52
Jeff, Dont take my response as defensive on behalf of Chaparral, I was just curious as to your thoughts to see how they compared to mine. Having worked in the marine industry directly for the past 10 years, I have a strong opinion on manufacturer quality of various brands. In the research and development we looked and compared a lot of items at different brands. So I was just curious if your ranking matched mine.

And I agree, even on my boat I found a few things I would have done differently.
jeffk Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 18:38:59
I am not insulting the boat, there are things I think should have been done with more care.
My dream boat is a formula 31 pc. Yes it costs a ton more.
I would also like to look at a cruisers.
We have spent many happy weekends on the boat. It is used 11 months a year.
I have taken meticulous care of the boat.
I am not unhappy with my purchase, I just think there may be better value out there.
I could be wrong too.
Shadowcruzr Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 17:20:21
Just out of curiosity, what do you think is a better quality boat?
jeffk Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 17:11:36
I have had oppurtunity to look at numerous things.
The electrical system for one. The wiring is a mess.
Many of the screws that go into gelcoat in places you do not see are not countersunk.
The overheating has nothing to do with how I feel about the boat...mechanical problems happen.
I feel the overall fit and finish is a bit lacking.
That being said, In also think the boat rides great.
I just feel I would like my next boat to be of better quality. do not understand, my opinion is not based on mechanical problems.
Look at the gauges thread. I totally redid the dash board because the original had a cheap decal that bubbled.
Came out pretty sweet though.
The gauges at that time were teleflex with a two year warranty, they were not even repairable.
I replaced them with new farias that have lifetime warranties. This is what they originally should have had.
It is just small stuff like this thatt has turned me off.
Oh yeah....the cock[pit upholstery has not held up well either.
littlebookworm Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 07:56:02
Jeff: I don't understand. If the only problem you've ever had with the boat was the overheating caused by two pieces of the cooling impeller getting flushed up to the thermostat housing and blocking water flow, why do you say you'll never buy another Chaparral? That problem could happen to anyone with any boat. It's common and is usually found during normal maintenance. Hy
Shadowcruzr Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 07:55:46
I love my Chap. I have been disappointed with the Mercury drive system. All else has held up well for 10 years
HOGAN Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 06:52:25
It's because Chaparral boats have so few problems...
Shadowcruzr Posted - Jan 24 2011 : 06:47:23
Has it been a problem with the boat and the way it was put together or is it because of the engine or subcontractor parts?
jeffk Posted - Jan 23 2011 : 17:30:31
I finally fixed my overheating problem.
I found two inpellor vanes by the thermostat.
I never check because I thought I always changed the impellors and never had a vane missing.
My wife reminded me that when I was ill someone else did them.
I have had to change two power steering coolers recently.
Its a decent boat, I do not think I would purchase another one,
littlebookworm Posted - Jan 16 2011 : 17:25:02
Welcome to the forum and to the world of Chaparral. Great to hear you're enjoying your boat right now; wish we could do the same, but winters in NY prevent that. Keep posting here and head over to the Chaparral Owners Forum at Yahoo as well. There's a ton of info and many friendly boaters there and here. Hy
lnj Posted - Jan 16 2011 : 14:37:20
Howdy from Phoenix. I have a 210 SSI slipped at Lake Pleasasnt, about 30 miles northwest of my house. I was out yesterday, and it was gorgeous! I bought the boat last July, and am her first owner. She was for sale somehwere else and didn't sell, so they shipped her to Phx where she found me. Don't think they make the 210 any longer, but she's pretty, runs great, and the 5.7 with the beefy Bravo 3 really gets after it. I have to be at work every morning at 4am, which sucks, but I get off at 12:30 and can be cruising by 1:30 any afternoon.
signature27 Posted - Dec 29 2010 : 10:43:57
Checking in from L.I. my motor overheated on me 2x this year. both times I kicked up sand, and clogged the screen on my P/S cooler. easy to clean out, just annoying.. good luck..
marsij Posted - Dec 29 2010 : 10:06:56
Hey jeff, let us know how that overheating issue turns out. I had a problem with my starboard engine running warm toward the end of the summer. Was on my way to Torches when it was going up & down & spiked at 220. Turned around to head back to marina and it was running ok..on the high side of normal. Don't know if I picked something up or what...lots of barnacles this year!!
jeffk Posted - Dec 25 2010 : 09:29:08
I am in Orlando. I have a 2003 Sig 280.
I would like to go bigger but in todays market I am probably upside down on the loan.
I enjoy the boat, recently having overheating problems on one engine.
It is beyond the scope of my knowledge so mech has it.
Shadowcruzr Posted - Dec 20 2010 : 06:41:14
I still have my 2000 260 Signature on a trailer her in E-City. Been too busy building hte house to use it much the past couple years. Hoping to get more time next year although the wife wants me to trade it in on a Center Console fish boat. I'm still up in the air since it has been such a wonderfully reliable boat.
Dusty Rhoads Posted - Dec 19 2010 : 19:49:11
We are in Annapolis, and keep a Chap at our home pier. We have owned 4, and when we ran out of size, we switched brands for our cruising boat.
Audrey II Posted - Dec 19 2010 : 19:27:49
Originally posted by littlebookworm

I sold my boat and bought a Trojan. I loved my boat it was a great boat and I enjoyed it for about 8 years. Sold it in three days try doing that today.

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