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 Gas Price Thread

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
CurrentSea Posted - Apr 26 2011 : 15:38:58
Walter or Rob?

How about starting a sticky for gas prices?
Most of us have smart phones with boatered on them. When someone fills up they post the date, the fuel type and the price. Also if they are getting gas, they post diesel price or vice versa.

We all need to figure out how to save a buck or two this year!

AYC has new tanks and pumps but last year I found that Bergen point station to be cheaper even with AYC discount.

I can keep a steady post on AYC prices and I can see surfside with binoculars!

50   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
kwmeyer13 Posted - Jun 13 2017 : 10:49:22
Just filled with diesel from Rising Tide and paid 2.59 a gallon. 1st time customer, was very happy with the service.
Katie Posted - Jan 22 2015 : 16:48:13
Just checked with Gene at Rising Tide Fuel... gas is $2.80 a gallon. Mid grade fuel. whooo hooooo!!
Stolat Posted - Jul 29 2014 : 20:30:43
Direct Marine Fuel at The Oar Steak & Seafood on the Patchogue River has 89 octane for 4.699 per gallon.

HOGAN Posted - Jul 28 2014 : 11:59:26
For those of you coming up the Hudson, Panco is $4.06/gallon for diesel
CaptCrunch Posted - Jul 28 2014 : 11:24:06
$4.99 for mid grade precision marine seaford yesterday. paid $4.53 for premium Saturday at Bergen point...
Gerry Heimann Posted - Jul 28 2014 : 10:53:09
Point of Woods gas station usually a decnt price, but upon emptying my wallet the other day, the price was $4.70. I seem to recall that the water price was usually .60 or so more than the street price, but a $1.00 more seems a bit a of a gouge.

JohnC Posted - Jul 01 2014 : 21:42:56
I think Babylon Fishing Station is 4:39 and no depth issues.
CurrentSea Posted - Jul 01 2014 : 12:13:57
Not delivered to AYC. I would use him if I could.
Robski97 Posted - Jul 01 2014 : 10:18:30
Rising tide is 430 per gallon delivered. DIESEL

CurrentSea Posted - Jul 01 2014 : 09:48:32
4.38 for diesel
CaptNCamille Posted - Jul 01 2014 : 08:26:34
I dock there. Watch your depth. At low tide towards the east side of the entrance to the channel my depth finder has read as low as 2.0. Pump out is working. And it can get busy, word is out that he is cheap.
CurrentSea Posted - Jul 01 2014 : 06:55:26
I was talking about pumpout at bergen.
I will drive down there today.
Need fuel and pumpout!
HappyKamper Posted - Jun 30 2014 : 21:56:26
Did not recall the Diesel. I had no issue
on water depth. Pumps where working and they
had good cheap egg sandwiches
CurrentSea Posted - Jun 30 2014 : 21:31:32
How is the depth getting in there? Heard it was shallow. The fix pump out there yet?
You see diesel cost?
HappyKamper Posted - Jun 30 2014 : 21:29:15
Anchorage Unleaded Plus $4.65 with resident discount
Bergen Point Unleaded Plus $4.39
CurrentSea Posted - Sep 03 2011 : 08:31:06
Bergen Point got water in tanks too.
I got fuel on Thursday.
Was told EPA allows 3 inches of water on bottom of tank!
Bergen pumped water out, tested, wasn't happy, pumped more and put in fresh fuel.
So their gas and diesel is all new and fresh.
They threw out 8000 gallons of fuel total.
That hurts!
Did not catch diesel price, regular gas was $4.12

CurrentSea Posted - Aug 31 2011 : 20:24:12
Ayc gas is full of water too. Gonna go to Bergen point. Ayc says gas will be back on Thursday.
signature27 Posted - Aug 31 2011 : 10:54:04
if you venture into the Swan River in Patchogue, Morgan & Co. Marina did not sustain any damage. i was there Sunday to check on my boat, and the water had not come over the dock into the parkinglot.. The # there is (631) 758-3524.. since they are one of the few that did not sustain damage i would call to see if they have gas before making the trip.. i expect them to be busy.. good luck to all..
CaptNCamille Posted - Aug 30 2011 : 14:09:40
Yes, Bergen was hit hard. I saw them working on repairing it yesterday and today. The rest of the dock south of the gas dock is lifted and extensively damaged. Looks like the pump out will be out of service until they get that all rebuilt.
CurrentSea Posted - Aug 30 2011 : 13:58:54
Guess we need to start a where is good fuel thread!
So stopped at AYC gas dock.
They are closed.
Saw a Environemnetal truck there.
Asked waht was going on and he was pumping the diesel tank out because it had seawater in it.
They said the gas tank is fine but since all the tanks are at the same level not sure how.
I heard bergen gas got hit too.
So where do we get fuel?
I am gonna ask Commodore of AYC if we can let Direct Marine Fuel come in since the gas dock is questionable. Since commercial unit runs that, I am sure the answer will be no!
walterv Posted - Aug 21 2011 : 13:20:04
$4.22 less 10c = $4.12 premium fuel

Heard Bergen Ploint is $4.13 regular fuel
Viking76 Posted - Aug 20 2011 : 07:56:15
Glen Cove $5.00
Danno Posted - Aug 14 2011 : 06:42:34
Bergan Pt. $4.1399 87oct
CurrentSea Posted - Aug 12 2011 : 11:10:21
4.40 diesel
4.22 premium gas
Kellyg Posted - Aug 01 2011 : 09:27:14
Manhasset Bay Marine : Diesel 4.49/gal
CurrentSea Posted - Jul 31 2011 : 11:33:09
Bergen point
Regular 4.23
Premium 4.39
Diesel 4.39

Premium 4.48
Diesel 4.40
HIGHLIFEII Posted - Jul 23 2011 : 11:10:33
7/22/11 Babylon Fishing Station,,,Diesel $4.299, less 5cents for cash.
CurrentSea Posted - Jul 22 2011 : 08:52:30
AYC was $4.409 for 89, 4.349 for diesel.

AYC may be better if AYC member - $4.409 minus .10 AYC discount is 4.309 minus 5% shell is 4.099

NOTE: Shell changed their rebate to a maximum of $20 rebate per month. So if you use more than $400 a month, then you max out.
That is not hard to do, so the rebate is no longer a deciding factor for some of us.
Danno Posted - Jul 22 2011 : 06:58:30
Beregan Point 7/21/11 87oct 4.199 I think the 93 was 4.399 but can't recall for sure
Island Park - 89oct 4.899
walterv Posted - Jul 16 2011 : 20:30:17
631 467 2145
CaptCrunch Posted - Jul 16 2011 : 20:09:18
Walter, do you have his number handy?
walterv Posted - Jul 16 2011 : 19:05:31
Originally posted by CaptCrunch

who are the guys who deliver to the house, just got the bulkhead done so going to be moving the boat home

Direct Marine Fuel, name of the owner is Rob, good guy.
Plus don't forget to mention Boater Ed, that will save you 10c a gallon
PascalG Posted - Jul 16 2011 : 18:32:45
Just paid 3.96 for diesel at pt Judith marina (4.06 if under 500usg)

Best price around...
CaptCrunch Posted - Jul 16 2011 : 14:21:46
who are the guys who deliver to the house, just got the bulkhead done so going to be moving the boat home
Danno Posted - Jul 14 2011 : 18:55:42
All the west end fuel dock were at 4.79 for 89( Bay Park, Andys and scottys in pt. look out)over the weekend.
Wow, is Bergan point gas or diesel? if gas then cheaper than the Hess station in Oceanside
walterv Posted - Jul 14 2011 : 15:05:11
Saturday 7-9-11 Bergen Point $3.99
Saturday 7-9-11 Surfside $4.48
Saturday 7-9-11 Anchorage $4.24 (I think, could have been $4.34
Danno Posted - Jul 14 2011 : 12:18:28
signature 27 I have a 14 gal caddy, not a problem to lift into the truck when full. Major drawback if the fuel hose/pump set up does not allow the fuel to transfer quickly and takes ~20min to drain. If it was not for that I would have purchased another so that i could do 28gal at a time. I thnk I paid under $100 on sale at pep boys.
ALKA2710 Posted - Jul 05 2011 : 19:35:29
signature 27 I had a 29 gallon gas caddy. Just sold it. 2 big and bulky to move in and out of truck. I wheeled nice but you really needed a friend to get it in and out. I used to use 6, 6 gallon cans and could bring down almost 40 gallons and use a quick siphon. Would take about 20 minutes to do that way. I would use it as an excuse to get out of the house to keep the tank filled.
dcwjd Posted - Jul 05 2011 : 17:03:27
$4.24 now at anchorage for 93 octane
signature27 Posted - Jun 29 2011 : 08:57:47
does anyone have or use a fuel caddy? i am considering getting one each full tank is aprox $100 saved for me..
CurrentSea Posted - Jun 28 2011 : 15:13:23
Anchorage Yacht Club
4.34 Plus Unleaded
4.34 Diesel
Kellyg Posted - Jun 28 2011 : 15:04:43
Manhasset Bay Marina :
Diesel - $4.85
signature27 Posted - Jun 28 2011 : 10:35:27
Just called Island View on the Patchogue River
4.46 Plus
4.60 Super
they also have Diesel, I didnt ask the price.
M-T 9am-5pm
July 1 to sometime in Aug 8am - 8pm

Joeshoes Posted - Jun 10 2011 : 16:24:30
In Manhasset Bay $ 5.25.
CurrentSea Posted - Jun 04 2011 : 18:46:04
Shell sign is there.
So 4.43 minus .10 minus 5% is 4.11
walterv Posted - Jun 04 2011 : 18:09:49
Looks like I will be buying all my fuel this season at Bergen Point.
CurrentSea Posted - Jun 04 2011 : 14:52:26
Ayc $4.43 gas 4.34 diesel
Didn't see shell sign.
CurrentSea Posted - Jun 02 2011 : 22:19:00
They have a list of slips and names. Just tell girl at gas dock.
ALKA2710 Posted - Jun 02 2011 : 22:05:23
To get the discount do you have to own the slip or is renting good enough. Also how do you prove your at the AYC. Have to say I Love the place so far. Have to get used to docking in a finger slip, I spent the last 6 years behind my cousins house on a floating dock. Wind has been tricky buy so far I don't think I have any damage.
Never North Posted - Jun 02 2011 : 16:53:25
Bergen point station payed $4.00 for Gas on 5-59-11.


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