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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Hap-E-Cruzer Posted - Dec 26 2017 : 12:55:45
2005 Volvo TAMD74ís..boat sat for 6 weeks, started engines to prepare for trip, no gears..
Had no previous shift problem and no repairs or service done since last used.
Is there a reset procedure and if si where would I find it. Engine manuals says Call Volvo Shop. No trouble codes found in self test.
Anyone with this knowledge?
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Sandy Posted - Jan 17 2018 : 00:52:15
That's great , Jerry. Thanks for the happy update. Good work diving in to it and exercising those valves. You saved yourself a unneeded bill and longer wait..

MY guess and hope is they will continue working normally now for quite some time, but in light of this downtime experience it might be a good idea to put that exercise on the routine maintenance schedule. I imagine that has occurred to you .

I wonder if applying a little light Teflon lube ( Tri-Flow?) after wiping off the valves next time they are apart would possibly keep them even a bit slipperier and less prone to sticking?
Hap-E-Cruzer Posted - Jan 16 2018 : 19:52:15
Hey Sandy, Hey is the fix (hopefully)...waited several days for a call back, no luck. Got bored while waiting so I cleaned and exercised the valves..put those back in the trans and everything worked great. Tested manually and from both helms...all good.
Valves did not appear dirty, no contamination , sprayed with carb cleaner real good then used small Phillips to move plunger rod several times..valves freed up nicely. Still no reason for 3 of 4 valves to stick other than from sitting too long???
I called DYS and informed them of the results and they were concerned that I might have a future failure but not ready to buy 4 new valves ( approx. $1500) when these work so well.
Sea trialing next week. Keeping fingers crossed.
Sid was very knowledgeable and helpful, Ron at DYS service was also very helpful and will recommend in the future.
Hap-E-Cruzer Posted - Jan 09 2018 : 13:28:16
Yeah Sandy....correct oil, service regularly, filter changed every time, even cleaned internal metal screen last service. No contamination noted, Oil can't get to solenoids.
John, thanks for the heads up about Sid. He is the one that helped so much on the phone. I am waiting on him at this moment. I know he is I had to wait a little longer to get him.
JHS3750 Posted - Jan 05 2018 : 16:13:03
One of my 74P's started shifting in and out of gear spontaneously (once almost escaped in a lock while I was tending an errant line)
Several erroneous diagnoses, two recalibrations of throttles, all sorts of transmission evaluations, etc.
Finally got it to Sid, the Volvo guru at Diversified (used to be w/ Mattos) - he replaced the EDC, for an instant fix.
Prolbably different in your case; Hard to imagine it would malfunction in both engines at same time, but . . .
Takeaway is: get her to Sid - he cared for my 74P's for years. Trust him implicitly.
Good luck,
Sandy Posted - Jan 05 2018 : 14:32:45
Thanks for the update, Jerry. Sorry it's frustrating to you , but will be interesting to learn how 3 out of those 4 valves could get stuck or whatever else may be the cause .
The correct fluid is installed at correct level and changed on regular maint. schedule along with any transmission filter ,right? No sign of water contamination?
Any fluids possibly have a chance to leak onto the solenoids?

Since the boat had been unused for 6 weeks
prior to your experiencing this issue, could continued repeated attempts to slowly cycle through gear control positions at the dock eventually loosen up whatever may be sticking or clean a contact? I imagine you've tried that quite a few times.

Best luck

Best luck.
Hap-E-Cruzer Posted - Jan 05 2018 : 10:15:57
Sandy....thanks for keeping up with this post.
I contacted the Volvo tech (thru his cell phone) and he advised me to try the emergency shift procedure. I did this by removing the cap on the solenoid to allow manually shifting the gear.
Still had no gear so he seems to think the shift valves are stuck, three out of four seems unlikely but we"ll see.
Still waiting for DYS to call me for an appointment...still frustrated with them.
I'll definitely keep you posted.
Sandy Posted - Jan 03 2018 : 22:00:38
Not sure if this will help at all but a quick search came up with this discussion of EDC controls with similar problems.

The common thread for those posting seems to be failed actuators. That is very odd they could fail on both your engines' upper & lower gear controls at the same time, but perhaps something like a lightning strike nearby or onboard power drop & surge affected the control system? Or possibly there was a manufacturing run of too-vulnerable` control parts that go brain dead if the wrong combination of command are input??
That wouldn't encourage confidence in the system going forward so to speak , unless an authorized tech or Volvo directly assures you that the not-too-uncommon issue was recognized ,addressed and fixed with reliable parts.

Hope DYS responds soon and gets you going safely again . Kindly let us know what is involved with their fix.

Best luck and Merry New Year.
Hap-E-Cruzer Posted - Jan 03 2018 : 10:23:01
Thanks for the reply...just returned to the boat from a Holiday recess.
Yes, it is a fly-by-wire Volvo EDC system with upper and lower helms stations. Throttles work good, just gears problem. I have forward port gear from the lower helm only, no other gears from either control.
Checked for trouble codes again, no codes found other than 1-1 which means no codes. Then followed the reset procedure several times from the Manual. Nothing changed.
Currently waiting for Diversified Yacht Service to return my call for an appointment. Two days now and still no call back. Frustrating.
Sandy Posted - Dec 26 2017 : 17:17:51
Is this just a single station ( flybridge) dual engine control system , or is there another 2nd station at a lower helm?
If by any chance the latter, is a an electronic key command required to activate any particular station?

Are only the gears not responding on both engines , but throttles work normally?

I can't imagine low transmission fluid levels would suddenly be the issue on both engines' transmissions.

if something does need "resetting" , I'd suspect that would require involving an authorized tech with a expensive h/h VODIA device . That was the case with a friend's TAMD 73P with 1st (partial) version of EDC the throttle slave next to the engine had gotten wet .

( Volvo mechanic had rinsed down the engine just prior to re-commissioning launch) and that slave would then not respond to the controls when it went full throttle at startup. They could shut down the engine but the condition repeated at each restart until the VODIA reset the system then all was fine. But he has Hynautic hydraulic controls ( incredibly smooth).- it was just the slave at the engine that was reset. )
CurrentSea Posted - Dec 26 2017 : 14:06:48
Are they digital or cable?
If digital, do you have EVC?
If EVC, then is the neutral switch engaged?

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