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Posted - Jan 17 2008 :  16:17:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
TO Ramsport: Can you tell the world why the Meridians competition still tells customers that the Meridians are Bayliners? maybe because they are reaching for anything to gain sales they have lost to a more aggresive and better built boat. Meridian sales have increased on average 25% every year so far, and have recently purchased a manufacturing plant from the competition that is losing sales. It is a shame that some dealers do that, and i do not agree with it. Be honest about your product and let the customer make a fair and accurate decision on his or boat buying, that is what sales is about in any industry.

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Posted - Jan 17 2008 :  16:56:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Have you REALLY compared Meridan to others? Look at the floor supporting. Wood supported by palstic...YIKES. There are brands out there that actually use some structural materials to support their flooring, like aluminum framing with stainless steel supports. Also...check out that wiring...tie wrapped and screwed every 6 to 8 inches, all exposed, instead of being cleanly run in a wire trough. And stringers...wood? really? in 2008? Others can make woodless fiberglass only stringers, why can't Meridian? Yes, Cruiser Yachts sold it's plant to Bayliner (not Meridian) Because they were having trouble with the work force available. Cruisers Yachts was building Rampage Sport fishing boats there, and some of it's larger yachts. Cruisers sales are not down, they have been holding steady. They have cut down the number of models they build, which gives them excess capacity at their home location in Wisconsin.

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T-Merc 350 Mag V-drives

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RO# 12640

Posted - Jan 17 2008 :  18:14:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Ocean Spray

I have found my "cruise speed" at around 4050 rpm at 18.5 to 19.7 knotts depending on sea conditions. Burns around 34 to 38 gph.

To give you a comparison:
I have the 8.1 big block Crusader Motors.
Best cruise for the boat is 3500rpm, with a speed of 21 knots, and a fuel burn of 29 to 34GPH.

WOT, is 4300 rpm, 26 to 28 knots and a fuel burn of 66GPH.

With my motors (Crusader) recommended cruise is 80% of max rpm my motors are rated at 4400 rpm WOT.

I had to fine tune my props to achieve "max rpm", you may want to check to see if you are achieving the specs Merc. says your motors are suppose to be.



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Ocean Spray

RO# 20033

Posted - Jan 17 2008 :  19:42:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To answer your question Pascal, no, I have experimented at all rpms and set the tabs everywhere. The best cruise I get is still at 4,050 rpms, at 18 to 20 knotts. Any slower and she seams to burn more fuel. Someone else asked me about props, they were just changed and it made it much better for top end. My WOT is 4900 to 5000 rpm (screaming!) but the manufacturer is stating that these newer engines run in that rpm range and will get better fuel consumption. All I know is that this is "my" sweat spot and I will run her there everytime. I could go a little slower, but she does not burn much less fuel, maybe around a gallon or two if your lucky, I keep an eye on my fuel flow meter all the time.

Ocean Spray II
Captain Pat

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