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RO# 28496

Posted - Oct 03 2008 :  00:52:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What were the differences in these two models for 1985-1989. Looking on yacht trader online and don't see alot if any difference except the price. Anyone have any opions on the Hino 175 hp diesels? Are they under powdered for a 38'? Should they have put a 250 hp engine in this length. I have a very good prospect for a 3888 in my area and just curious. Moving up from a searay 300 sedan bridge to my first diesel. All help appreciated.

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RO# 28496

Posted - Oct 04 2008 :  08:05:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wow, I thought there would be some response to the diesel hino engine opinion. 65 readers and no comments. Are all you Bayliner people that unhappy with your boats or this combo of engines? I thought someone would have left some opinion

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RO# 14515

Posted - Oct 04 2008 :  13:48:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by PortHoleDiver

Are all you Bayliner people that unhappy with your boats or this combo of engines?

Great way to encourage response....

Try the Bayliner Owners Club - there are a lot of these boats/motors on the Motoryacht forum.


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RO# 19571

Posted - Oct 07 2008 :  09:43:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Etienne, sounds as if he's trolling!

M/V Amar la Vida

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RO# 12640

Posted - Oct 07 2008 :  12:55:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
does that boat have 1 or 2 motors ?


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George Carlin

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RO# 14515

Posted - Oct 07 2008 :  12:59:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
All the Bayliner 38's have 2 motors.


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RO# 16492

Posted - Oct 07 2008 :  15:38:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The Hino is a Toyota. Great engine, very economical, but no pocket rocket. A fellow club member has a 3888 and just replaced his Hino's w/ Cummins or Cats. I believe his cruise is now about 23 knots. The replacement was not a problem was not with the Hino's.


Best Regards,

Saint Max
'99 330 Sundancer


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RO# 28496

Posted - Oct 09 2008 :  00:43:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Kurdeu, Knotheadcharters, Iam not trolling, I want to know this about the engines due to the fact I saw a 3888 with CATS and it DiD have a faster top speed. I intend to use the boat for off shore fishing as well as the great loop. I have a 1989 3888 close by and has been tenderly cared for with owner asking below normal price. My 300 sedan SeaRay was totaled during IKE. So am in the market. I would not waste your or anyones time if I was not serious about this boat! That IS why I have A RO#. I just want others opinion on this model.This will be our future retirement condo. Just give me some feedback on you likes and dislikes. Thanks

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RO# 29321

Posted - Oct 09 2008 :  08:13:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think one is galley up and the other is galley down. I had a friend who had one of them, not sure which, and it was galley up. The ones I see on YW are galley down.
His was bashed and sank by 3 big trees during Hurricane Rita.

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RO# 14515

Posted - Oct 09 2008 :  11:53:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Other than they are very popular boats and there are lots of them still around, I don't know much about the 38's. The Hino's are almost bullet proof but don't expect things to go flying by as you cruise. For the loop I suspect that won't matter much and fuel economy will be important.

You should really visit the Bayliner Owners Club and ask some questions on the Motoryacht forum - there are a lot of owners which would gladly give you the pros and cons of the boat.


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RO# 31997

Posted - Oct 11 2010 :  18:09:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If you can live with a 14-16 mph cruise at 10 gph its a great boat

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RO# 24494

Posted - Jun 04 2012 :  17:28:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm looking at a 3888 as well. The Hino's are not fast but they can be economical. I'm told the boat of that vintage engines exhaust manifolds can be a problem. Many people that keep up with the Hino's have the exhaust manifolds cleaned and then ceramic coated. In addition the 3888 is known for water intrusion on the arch and cored upper decks. So I guess I'm saying these look like nice boats but make sure the vessel you are looking at has been maintained and then if it looks good have the boat surveyed by a Pro.

Bill Lentz
Little Egg, N.J.

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RO# 6704

Posted - Aug 13 2012 :  13:12:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If this will help, on the 3888 we had for 8 years:

Rounded chines make for some roll in a beam or following sea (can be helped with "underhulls, a harder chined hull extension).

The shallow forefoot entry makes for a little bit more spray (can be helped with added spray rail).

Our Hinos were 220hp (with Ramsey aftermarket turbos, some 220s did come with factory turbos).

Solid 12-13 knot cruise at 10-12 GPH, a very economical boat.

Draft was 3'2" as I recall (prop pockets)

Great storage and the guest stateroom has plenty of room to move around.

Had the Admirable not gotten sick and passed, it would have been our Great Loop vessel.

As with any used boat, a survey is in order.


You can tell the character of a man by the way he treats those who can't help him."

Edited by - Freddy on Aug 20 2012 10:19:23

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