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 What type of Dive Suit?
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Posted - Nov 30 2008 :  22:30:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Iím looking to purchase a dive suit, ~ 6mm or so. Iím a recreational diver who doesnít dive nearly as much as Iíd like. Primary locations are in upstate NY in early summer where the temps are 50-60F. I will also use the dive suit to extend my snorkeling excursions and kayaking in the early spring and late fall. Eventually Iíll purchase the other dive components Ė already have the basics: mask, snorkel, weights, boots, flippers & gloves.

Iím looking to extend my inventory and have some fun.

Iíve searched on line and know the difference between the different thicknesses and stitchesÖ

I donít want cheap and also donít need the top of the line, but am willing to buy used for better quality.

Any words of wisdom from the experienced?


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Posted - Dec 01 2008 :  11:52:33  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, I'm diving a Poseidon Jetsuit now - it's only 5mm.

Granted, it's a drysuit, but even when the water gets back up over 60 up here on the Cape and Islands, I see no need to dive wet again.

If you're looking to go with a wetsuit, I'd recommend taking a look at Harvey's. Very durable, good bang for the buck.

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RO# 31163

Posted - Apr 06 2009 :  11:42:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I totally agree with the other post. I've been diving since 1965 and hold a Dive Master certification. If you are going to have repeated or prolonged exposure to water anywhere near 50 degrees, go dry suite. This is especially true if you are goin to snorkle, then canoe or kayak. That means you will be wet for long periods of time and 50 degree water will really suck out body heat.

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RO# 16897

Posted - Apr 06 2009 :  13:10:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I agree a drysuit is the way to go, but not for snorkling or kayaking. A kayak drysuit is much differnent then a diving drysuit, IE not valves, not feet and the zipper is much lighter. Trying use a diving drysuit for above water activites does not work to well. If you end up inverted in the water in your drysuit, in can become hard to get right side up.

As far as a wetsuit, I would go with the Henderson Hyper Strecht. It will be the most comfortable on the surface. Again a little tough for above water activies, such as kayaking, but if you only wear the bottoms, not to bad.


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RO# 31427

Posted - Oct 09 2009 :  10:43:48  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I don't know if you purchased a suit yet, since your original post was a while ago. But I would get a farmer john style suit. I don't know how well it will work for topside activities, as I have not tried it, but... the double layers keeps your core warmer and allows freer movement for the arms and legs. Plus you can just wear the bottoms if its getting too warm out, or for your other activites. I work as a commercial diver and have one. I love the versatility for warmer and colder weather. (Of course when the water gets too cold, we get hot water machines to keep us toasty warm.)

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RO# 689

Posted - Oct 09 2009 :  11:40:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Price quality fit and function. Hard to find one suit to meet all criteria. I don't see a good suit for diving being the same one you would wear for kayaking. You can find one to do it, but it will generally have poor performance for any one activity. A drysuit with the freedom of movement for kayaking is going to be a baloon in the water.

Decide what your priorities are, get a suit for just that.

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