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 Sailing and Sailboats
 Catamaran Charter in the Keys
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Posted - May 28 2010 :  14:33:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We are about to charter a 47 Leopard out of Key West to go to the Dry Tortuga's --- OIL PERMITTING -- we are still watching that, and that is why I still say "about to charter"

I am experienced sailor. but rusty and experienced power boater -- and large SHIP person (from years ago as an officer in the Navy.) I am also aware of Florida Keys boating since I take my boat there once or twice a year.

My quesiton is -- any particular things I might want to watch out for on chartering a large cat ???
thanks ---
DaleG -- West Palm Beach
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RO# 3500

Posted - Jun 03 2010 :  14:00:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, I am glad I wasn't holding my breath for a reply on this part of the forum -- pretty dead
Besides -- with the oil situation we are getting ready to decide to bag the idea, and go boating somewhere else.

thanks ---
DaleG -- West Palm Beach
2003 Four Winns 240Horizon 5.7Gi-DP

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RO# 1702

Posted - Jun 03 2010 :  14:30:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Not many cat boat sailors around here. I would imagine the biggest difference would be the turning radius with a cat's beam.

My oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic..., did not end when I retired. I stand by it till the end.

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RO# 691

Posted - Jun 30 2010 :  02:25:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A cat is a dream to handle. Generally much quicker turns when sailing due to twin large rudders, also easiest thing to manuever under power. You never touch the rudder, just engine controls and you can spin the boat within it's own length. Many Cat's don't sail to weather well. Primarily 2 factors for this... a large roach in the mainsail which makes it difficult to flatten and small keels or dagger boards which allow the boat to slip sideways. My boat points very well, about 38 degrees in a 15 knot headwind. Unfortunately the true heading is more like 50 degrees by the time you add in the slip. Most cats don't do better than 60 or 65 degrees.
A cat does not roll but it does have a choppy pitching motion which many people don't like. The pitching is present in ANY sea condition but can be attributed to waves, or the quick acceleration under variable winds. The front cabins will have too much motion for most people when underway. At anchor the cats are much more ideal than a mono hull due to the lack of rolling motion. Figure on twice the space of a monohull for the same length, huge front cabins and immense cockpits and salons.

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Posted - Jul 31 2011 :  10:12:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote Contact David in the Coconut Grove office

Capt. Bert Q.
brother of Capt. Abe and Uncle of Brett Jensen

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