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 dingy steering frozen in honda tilt tube
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RO# 689

Posted - May 31 2011 :  11:07:36  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a 9.5 Achilles dingy with a honda bf15 motor. It's been sitting since last october and now the cable steering is frozen up. This is the kind that has the piston that goes into the tilt tube of the motor. Turns out, I'm pretty sure that the zirks only lube the tilt, but not the steering piston, so it sits there and corrodes from the salt water that works in from the piston going in/out.

Two problems:

1.) I can't yet get it apart. I already exhausted nearly the last of my can of kroil and went from the ball peen hammer to the BFM with no luck. I had a little heat on it, but nothing like a real torch. Still, that baby is frozen up good. I've turned the wheel hard enough that the wheel now feels "soft" and have a bad feeling I'm going to have more problems to deal with in that unit now.

2.) When and if I get it apart, what's the best way to "fix" this issue. First the tube is not stainless, so its going to rust and hard to keep grease in there. I noticed my friends dingy had an external stainless tube (not sure where sourced) that the steering went through.

Anyone else intimately familiar with the problem want to chime in before I go re-inventing the wheel and suppliers of the solution?

Thanks in advance. For the long weekend I used the makeshift tiller steering after removing the control arm and then a pair of vice grips became my tiller!

ghost out
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RO# 824

Posted - May 31 2011 :  12:41:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Shotgun brush chucked into a drill, then a GOOD solvent cleaning, then grease the bejeesus out of it. Reassemble, work it back and forth a bunch of times before cleaning the excess grease off. Do it again when you winterized the boat.

As for components stuck together with the amazingly effective adhesive formed by a blend of old grease, salt, dirt, and a different type or two of grease in most cases - heat and beat. A gentle heat and beat. If that doesn't do it, either 3M citrus based adhesive cleaner, Hoppe's #9, or Break-Free will melt that stuff. Spray and tap with a hammer. Get a beer. Spray and tap some more. Get a sandwich. Spray and tap some more. Get another beer. Spray and tap some more until you're fairly sure the solvent has penetrated the gunk as far as it's going to. Now give it a few meaningful raps and see where she goes.

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