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RO# 32496

Posted - Aug 15 2011 :  23:13:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We started out of Port Hardy and went North to Clam Cove on Nigei Island. There is a old logging camp there that we use as a home base for fishing around Port Hardy.
From there we went to Nakwakto rapids. The rapids were doing about 10 mph at the time we were there. The tide was coming in and the eagles were eating up the herring like crazy. We came up through Schooner channel and went out Slingsby channel.
From there we went to Duncanby landing at Rivers inlet. It had the highest price fuel on this trip (1.35 to 1.59) .
Next to Dawsons landing where we spent 2 days. I went beachcombing with the owner and we also went fishing for salmon near there. As we were only fishing to eat I only kept one small fish. I traded my other fish for some smoked fish. Wish I had his recipe for the brine he used.
We went to Finn bay on Penrose island to see a old friend we have not heard from in about 2 years. We found out he sold out and the resort went out of business. We did find a surprise on the old dock. There was a cougar in the old wood shed. We did not stay and look around.
WE went across the bay to Pierce bay to watch salmon going up the river to lake Elsie and Hay lake. Then on to Philip inlet where we caught a sole for supper.
The next day we went through Convay passage to Mantrap inlet. There is a small river going in to the inlet with a few fish going up it to a lake only 2/10 of a mile from the salt. I caught a few trout and salmon there and let them all go. We went on in to the back of Fish Egg inlet to Waterfall inlet and Oyster bay. We made it all the way into Elizabeth lagoon on a high tide.
We made a 20 mile run to Haki beach to watch the sun down. It was worth the time to see it. From here we went east to Rattenbury island over to East side of Nalau island on to Sea Otter inlet. No sea otters.
It was a short run to see the Darwin's at Namu. Peter and I are jury riggers If we can't fix it it's a anchor. That place is a jury riggers dream. I could spend a summer up fixing things and making up new thing from the left overs from Namu.
We went to Codville lagoon for big shrimp, only one very big problem there were 30 or more commercial traps in the lagoon. We only caught 16 shrimp. We later talked to some people who had been there a few days before we were and they caught shrimp in the 100s. Oh well we met some nice people there.
On to Evans inlet. This is where we saw a grizzly for all of 30 seconds. We came around Boot island at low tide and there it was on the west shore digging some thing up.
Had to go straight to Ocean Falls to look at a house. Found out it was the bank at one time in Ocean Falls. The people have really fixed it up nice. We did everything you can do in Ocean Falls. Walked to the store (open from 3 to 5 maybe) stopped at tavern, shot a game of pool, walked up to the lake and look at the black bears and the biggest thing was to go to nearly Norm's museum. All joking aside they have the best water and the best crabbing we have ever found.
On are way to Shearwater to fuel up we tried to go on the north west side of Stokes island but the tide was to low. Will try it again at high tide next time.
After fueling up at Shearwater we bought a few groceries at Bella Bella. The fuel at Shearwater is .05 a lt cheaper that at Bella Bella. The groceries were much cheaper at Bella Bella.
Headed for Balagny passage. Stopped at Idol point and caught 6 or 7 salmon till we finely caught a small one we kept. Made it to Reid passage and the fog came in. For safety we did not go up Lady Trutch Passage. We came to Arthur island and watched a humpback whale feed within 30 ft of us. After that we went to Jackson passage. We found a man from one of the marine farms with a dead motor. Towed him home, he told us of a good halibut hole. I caught one around 75 lb and let it go. Had no way to keep it.
Went on to Klemtu to find a spirit bear. Last time we were here we saw 3 of them. This time none. The people of Klemtu really tried to help us see one. They also showed us there meeting house. We meet one of there artist doing some wood carving in it.
This is where my GPS antenna went out. We went back to Shearwater to see if we could get a new one. No luck. We went back to Namu to visit the Dawsons. Made a call to Port Hardy and they said they had one. Went back to Port Hardy and it is the wrong brand and will not work. That was the end of or trip this year.
I will be back next year with my sons for a lot more fishing time.
May your keel stay wet and your seat stay dry

Homeport: Leavenworth,WA


RO# 23118

Posted - Aug 16 2011 :  06:19:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi. Just wanted to say I love how you write and even more, what you wrote about! I feel like I just read my Grandpa's cruising log (no offense). Kind of a "Hemingway" cadence without the filler and fluff. Awesome.

Anyhow, sounds like a nice trip.

America... A hole in the map I throw money into.

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RO# 20541

Posted - Aug 16 2011 :  09:15:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How nice to have your story waiting for me to read this morning. It was a great start to my day. Thank You, Jim!

Pierce Bay, Phillip Inlet, Mantrap Inlet ... nobody goes to those places! I love that little hole NE of the opening in Mantrap, where you can drop the hook and know you have the Inlet and lagoon to yourself for as long as you want to stay.

Waterfall Inlet, Oyster Bay, ... nobody goes there ... ELIZABETH LAGOON !!!! Did you take the big boat in, or did you sneak through the narrows in the dinghy?

Codville Lagoon has been jammed with commercial pots the last few trips we have made there. There is still anchoring room at the far ends to the north, near the islands, and to the far east shore, but the slide has kept me away from the south end.

The water goes in to the tank until it overflows, when we hit Ocean Falls. Every empty bottle gets filled ... (it sure beats Shearwaters "boil first" water). Nearly Normal Norman Brown is one of the nicest human beings I have ever met. When you see him walking the streets with his big hickory stick, you know there's a bear around.

Did you enjoy your run up Baloney Passage? It is a little tricky with those 90 degree turns, huh? You did well to pass on Lady Trutch in the fog. You really need to see the rocks at the turn at the top end, when you are going through for the first time.

The folks at Klemtu have always been the nicest and friendliest group of people on the North and Central Coast. We were invited to stay at their homes for 17 days in April-May 2002, when the Longhouse was to be dedicated. A Spirit Bear slept on the front porch of the Longhouse the night before the dedication ceremony! Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Jgsons2, thank you for some of the details of your 2011 summer trip. I know there is more, but that leaves us with some lies to swap, when we meet up.


Edited by - Old_Salt on Aug 16 2011 09:16:24

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RO# 32512

Posted - Oct 14 2011 :  20:39:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I just read Jgsons2 post,I have mentioned to you in the past that we have a family summer home in Tuwanek. My wife and I like exploring with our boat during our summer holidays, next summer we would like to do the same trip as Jgsons2. Can you tell me about how much time it would take from Tuwanek to Shearwater then back to Pender Harbour.
We have 1 week at the house in Tuwanek then 2 weeks to explore, is that enough time?


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RO# 20541

Posted - Oct 15 2011 :  02:34:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

" ... next summer we would like to do the same trip as Jgsons2 ..."

Would you be trailering your 33' Wellcraft to Port Hardy, as Jgsons2 trailered his boat, or would you be boating from Tuwanek to Port Hardy?

In 2009, I made a solo trip to the area where Jgsons visited this summer.

You can check it out here: (Page down to the Oct.13, 2009 post)

In the first paragraph, I posted "The trip covered 23 days and I am providing some details here to let you know what you might accomplish in a 3 week vacation period, in a fast boat, IF ALMOST EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT."

I am retired, and going solo, so I did not have to consider anyone else's comfort or safety, and I could have taken 8 weeks to get back.

The following summer, in the company of Ria Sea, we made the trip from the Sunshine Coast to Shearwater and back home in 5 weeks, See:

We made it to Shearwater in 7 days. We putted around Shearwater/New Bella Bella, Klemtu, and Ocean Falls for 2 weeks. We took 15 days coming home. Nice, relaxing trip. No time pressure.

"We have 1 week at the house in Tuwanek then 2 weeks to explore, is that enough time?"

Now I'm gonna' be the troublemaker, TM.

It could be enough time, if everything went perfectly all the time you're out there. But I planned a 6 week trip for 2010, after going solo in 3 weeks in 2009. I wanted Ria Sea to see as much of the South and Central Coasts as they reasonably could in the time they had available. If you have to be back at work in 3 weeks, and you're spending the first week in Tuwanek, you might have to make a decision to compromise your passenger's comfort and enjoyment, and travel in some crappy weather to keep to a 2 week boating schedule, with the necessity to be back at work on Monday morning.
Is it possible for you to take the Shearwater trip on the 1st and 2nd weeks, and allow yourselves a cushion by saving the 3rd week, if only a part of it, for Tuwanek?

Can you do this in 2 weeks? Of course, you can. Go North for a week, (6 days travel at about 45 nm per day - Blind Channel in 2 days, Port McNeill/Port Hardy in 4 days, and Shearwater/New Bella Bella in 6 days) and then turn around and spend a week getting home (8 days at about 35 nm per day). If you don't make it all the way to Shearwater in the first week, turn around and come on home anyway.

I plan my trips at 12 nm per day, and bank the time saved for side trips at my destination, or on the way home .... but, I'm retired.


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RO# 32512

Posted - Oct 22 2011 :  18:09:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you for getting back to me,no we will not be moving Nemo around by trailer I was looking at two weeks to make the trip but three to four weeks looks more realistic which is not a problem for the wife and myself.I think we will skip Tuwanek next summer and head out from Pitt Meadows. So for now until next summer I have a lot of planing and research to do.


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RO# 17370

Posted - Dec 07 2011 :  06:32:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've been going thru lots of old posts trying to learn as much as I can about where I'll be in the summer of 2012. Fuel prices sure put a damper on fast cruising speeds. I'm starting to see why OS cruises slowly, for more reasons then just fuel mileage too. I like the knowledge that finding fish to eat don't seem too difficult, especially like the part about trading for smoked salmon. I'm beginning to think that I'll not be bored much next summer, at least from what I've read of OS's and Jim's writings.

1978 Glasply 28' mid-cabin, repowered, remodeled, rewired, rebuilt, replaced, repaired, oh well you get the picture! It's my full time job now that I'm retired.

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