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 80's 34C info needed
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Posted - Dec 02 2011 :  11:42:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Looking at mid 80's 34C anything specific to the boat I should look for? Thanks

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Posted - Dec 02 2011 :  12:58:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A likely question for too... boatloads of 34C folks there...


Selby Bay, South River

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Posted - Dec 02 2011 :  14:03:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a 1986 34C Silverton that I bought 10 seasons ago. One of the most problematic areas are what Silverton owners call the "dreaded triangles". This is the wooden area inside the cockpit where the handrails are attached. It would also include the formica covered areas around the sliding door. When these boats were built most of the wood edges were not sealed allowing water over time to wick into the wood and cause rot. My boat was no exception so I used this to bargain the price. After I purchased the boat all this "formica covered plywood" was torn out and replaced.

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Posted - Dec 10 2011 :  07:24:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
triangle an issue but not that bad to fix gas tanks big issue should have been replaced by now neeed to cut deck out to remove tanks expensive repair. Boat has great layout little slow otherwise look for similar things of all used boats ie soft spots deck maintanace of engines replacment risers oil cooler blisters of hull not ussualy issue in silvertons of that era a very popular boat if well matained can be a great value

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RO# 27562

Posted - Dec 10 2011 :  09:34:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have an 88 with crusdaers. I keep everything constantly upgraded and in top shape. Good layout, efficient use of space, simple and reliable. Pretty economical too for a bridge boat - cruise at 18knts 3200RPM. We use it every weekend in season.

I have minor stress cracks (hairline) that show up from time to time, every winter i pay about 500 bucks for the yard guy to keep up with them, better to be proactive with this. One part in particular is the step up on the gunnels, and where the cockpit floor meets the inboard cockpit walls.

Deck needs to be cut off to remove tanks, but its not as bad as you might think, easy to glass back in around the perimiter and IMO better than pulling out the interior. I still have the orignal tanks, they are up off the hull floor and so far so good.

Bow pulpit can rot, the core is wood. You already heard about the triangles, that is an easy fix.
One 16,000 BTU AC will strugle on the hottest days, window tint and windshield cover are a must. You can add a second under the centerline birth or V bunks if you have them. AC condensation pan used to run to mid bildge - no good. Pipe to shower sump, 20 min job.

Some say the 350/270 crusaders are underpowered...again 18kts at 3200 with 18x18 wheels, plains no problem and is a VERY dry ride. One reason for this is the boat is light, very light at 13,000 lbs. You will have no problem in back bays and ocean up to 3 foot, i have been in worse, you have to take it easy. She will list easily while on plain in a crosswind above 20 kts with the enclosure up, you get used to it. High winds wil push Her around while docking, again enclosure magnifies this a bit, its all due to Her weight.

We have a kohler 3600rpm genrator, its under the cockpit floor, again very reliable but it is noisy with no sound shield.

We strap a 9' zodiac upside down on the bow (raised fiberglass rails) and secure to small cleats we installed on the sides of these rails. Outboard mounts to bracket behind bridge ladder - take the kids and dogs to the sandbars - a walk thru transom would REALLY be nice but we do without.

The starboard wood wire chase in the salon makes a great post to mount a flatscreen TV. We upgraded the sofa to a leather sleeper from Jenifer Convertibles, one of the best things i have done to Her.

All in all we are very happy. Lots of boat for the money (even when we bought 6 years ago, they are pratically free now). Layout is great in fact we have not come across another boat of that eara or even 90's that we prefer better in this size range. Large salon is great for the kids, dinette is a must for us (its my office away from home). We recently explored moving up, cant put anything longer than 37 OAL in our slip, dont want to leve slip because of friends...cant find much that would justify the expense - and she is paid for, tough to beat. I am sure one day it will come but for now we are more than satisfied.

Best of luck, fire away with any specific questions.

Edited by - Britanic on Dec 10 2011 09:45:22

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Gregory S

RO# 2620

Posted - Dec 11 2011 :  19:40:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ranger, i edited your post. We shouldn't be directing posters to a competeing site. Thanks.

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RO# 12640

Posted - Dec 11 2011 :  19:46:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Greg is correct, plenty of info here, no need to go to the Silvertons Owners Club.

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RO# 32710

Posted - Dec 12 2011 :  06:36:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Gregory S

Ranger, i edited your post. We shouldn't be directing posters to a competeing site. Thanks.

Fair enough, Greg, thanks for the tip.

Cheers, -Chris

Selby Bay, South River

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Gregory S

RO# 2620

Posted - Dec 12 2011 :  07:44:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You're welcome. Gets Les more upset.

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