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 Sailing and Sailboats
 A big, badwater, what if?
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RO# 10503

Posted - Dec 04 2011 :  14:12:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Nobody in their right mind has time for a Sailboat
But what if Nimrod got hold of a Catboat, with the Sail mast way up front?
Then Nimrod decides to go out on the Big water.
Bad waves and all like that!

So Nimrod makes the Sail Mast on his Cat Boat with a Hinge at the Deck level. That mast can lay down to the rear, get lased down and the sail laced to the mast.

Yep, he's got lines n' Pully's all over the boat to do this all by himself.
This particular Nimrod is a nut case that likes to be by himself for long periods in the sun.

So he's headed West from San Francisco, out toward some Rocks in the Ocean a heckuva long ways off.
He's got the Glass to watch the Low pressures develop.
His plan is in fallible.

When the Big waves show up he springs into defense.
He lets the Mast down. Laces the sail to the mast.
Put's some tension on all the lines. Lashes the Rudder down. Crawls down inside the cabin. Eat's, bathe's, cleans up the cabin and stashes his drinking water handy.
Nimrod now thinks he's ready for the big Bash!

Water tight cabin and Boat. He might get thrown around a bit, but when the sun shines brightly on calm waters again, Nimrod crawls out, cranks his sail back up and off he goes.

So whaddayathink about Nimrods Idea?
Will it work?
A 'takedown' cat boat?
Conservative in every sense of the word.

Homeport: AL.


RO# 26

Posted - Dec 04 2011 :  15:09:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The essential design is well founded. Lottsa catboats have masts and tabernacles that work the way you describe. It is a not unusual catboat rig. With a few simple modifications it is not unlike the lateen rig whose pictures you have seen in the opposite part of the world.
It works. Can't be in too much of a hurry and can't sail very close to the wind but the idea has worked for centuries, starting with the olde Egyptians. They are popular all over the Indian Ocean. One can't be in too much of a hurry and should pick your proposed routes with great care and concern for the prevailing winds. You might run out of food and water before you run out of sun and wind. I suspect it helps to have a very attractive companion.


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RO# 10503

Posted - Dec 04 2011 :  20:26:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yeah! A very attractive companion....hmmmm.
And a fishing rod with lot's of bait.

It was a question from somebody's post of 'dismasting' in water they should not have been in.
There's no water that we should not be in at one time or other.
So go prepared.

The storm we went though on the troop ship might have dismasted an Aircraft Carrier.
I cannot imagine doing 24 hours or so banging around inside a CatBoat. But somebody out there is thinking like ol' Nimrod.

Conservative in every sense of the word.

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RO# 7934

Posted - Dec 05 2011 :  05:50:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
While I don't think the idea of going offshore in a catboat is all that great an idea, his plan of securing everything and riding out the storm is probably a good one; in REALLY bad weather you can't sail anyway.

Willie: Look Ma no paddle!

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