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RO# 28565

Posted - Aug 21 2014 :  17:21:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mine is a 2000 Sundancer 290. She has been on blocks for just over 2 years - no problems, I just was away way to often to get the boat into the water. In any case, she's back in water now and runs like nothing ever happened. A couple of issues I have and need some help with:

  • When I turn the water pump, I can hear it buzzing continuously. As I recall, when turned on, it will buzz, then stop buzzing until a utility was turned on. Am I recalling this correctly or is this normal operating mode? If not, what should I look at? Thanks.
  • The electric stove stopped working. I have no idea why because I never used it except to turn it a couple of times to make sure it works. It is obviously electrical, but what to do before pulling out the refrigerator?
  • I would like to upgrade the TV to a flat screen, simple hardware. What aftermarket units are available?
Thanks for helping folks.

Homeport: Salisbury, MD


RO# 7269

Posted - Aug 21 2014 :  22:46:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Justn shooting in the dark with what you have described but here goes: Does water run out the faucet when you open it-assuming the water tank has water in it after 2 years. If water does come out, possibly the pressure switch at the pump needs adjusted or "tapped" in order to get unstuck. If an air bubble has formed in the line, it may take awhile for the air to work out of the system-run a faucet for a while until all the air is purged. Outside of that, check for leaks or transom shower left on...or something similar. For the stove, check the breaker, if on, is it a coil top or solid surface? Coil tops sometimes need reset into the socket. Not sure why you would need to pull out the fridge to service the cooktop. Flat screens, anything on sale at the electronics store will work-nothing marine about them unless you are trying to watch tv on the hook and using batteries-then that is a whole 'nother topic. Just my two cents...hope it helps somewhat.

The only thing that works on an old the Owner.

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RO# 12416

Posted - Aug 22 2014 :  10:20:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Our electric cooktop has a safety switch, when we take the solid surface counter top cover off it slides in a slot to activate the switch, if not activated the stove won't work...anything like that on yours?

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RO# 28565

Posted - Aug 24 2014 :  22:15:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks cmariner32 and JoeBalt. I filled up the water tank to clean it out when I got to shore. Transom shower is fine. I did run several faucets for a short while - I'll try to run for a longer period. One more info - when I first started the pump, there was water gushing out of a tap by the water pump. It was apparently left open. I don't know if this has anything to do with it. I will inspect the pressure switch also. Thanks plenty.

Regarding the cook top, I didn't know the top would just come off - I thought the fridge had to come out to access the underside of the cook top, Thanks for that clarification.

Another problem I noticed today - one of the smaller tubes that goes to the toilet bowl pedal flusher has a small leak. I didn't think much of it until I noticed water in the toilet paper compartment. By the time I shut everything down, the water had made its way to the rear of the main cabin floor. I don't see how water gets from the toilet tubing to the toilet paper compartment unless there is a leak under the bowl itself. Before I take the bowl out, any tips or suggestions? Thanks.

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Gregory S

RO# 2620

Posted - Aug 26 2014 :  13:36:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If your water pump runs continuously you might have a large leak somewhere keeping the system from pressurizing and shutting the pump off. For the stoved, are you sure the 110 v breaker is turned on?

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Audrey II

RO# 30499

Posted - Aug 26 2014 :  16:48:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Check the water strainer may be clogged and unable to suck water.


“Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.” – T.S. Elliotcommon.

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RO# 28565

Posted - Aug 27 2014 :  00:08:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Gregory and Audrey. I will check on your recommendations.

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RO# 775

Posted - Aug 28 2014 :  14:47:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I used to have a 2000 290 -
1. The cover (that matches the counter top) presses a safety switch to keep you from leaving the stove on and replacing the cover. Probably the switch is sticking down / off.
2. If you need to actually remove the stove, remove the refrigerator first - there are 8-10 screws holding it in around the flange, that's it.
3. Your toilet leak is probably why the freshwater pump won't stop running. I assume you have a vacuflush that uses freshwater to flush - the peddle on the left lifts up to fill the bowl and presses down to flush? Check the connections on the freshwater feed to the toilet, probably loose or failed gasket from sitting for two years.
4. Never replaced my TV, but know people who have - they mounted a larger flatscreen to a bracket that fit inside where the old tv was - the new/larger TV was actually in front of the opening and covered it up. You need to find a tv that works from AC and 12volt or rig up an inverter. Otherwise your running the generator to watch tv on the hook.

The 290 was a good boat for us - our boating now is more suited to a smaller boat that is dry stored, but still miss the 290 when I see one.

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RO# 28565

Posted - Aug 28 2014 :  20:58:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks BillK. Yes the leak is at the inlet to the flush pedal. Thanks again for your comments.

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