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 Anchor rode and chain
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RO# 24150

Posted - Mar 04 2018 :  20:37:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a Lewmar v700 windlass and need to replace my anchor rode and chain. The owners manual says that it takes 1/2 inch rope and 1/4 inch chain. It also says that it can use 3 strand or 8 pleat. What brand and type of rope do you recommend.

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Audrey II

RO# 30499

Posted - Mar 05 2018 :  01:32:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have no recommendation as to brand but on my last boat I bought it used it had 8 pleated line and I loved the way it looked however I never could get it to work well I always seemed to slip I replaced it with 3 strand and suddenly everything worked great.


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RO# 114

Posted - Mar 05 2018 :  09:25:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Make sure you use the proper type of chain as specified in your owners manual. More than likely it will call for Hight Test (HT) chain. Proof Coil chain will not work in the windlass.


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RO# 3854

Posted - Mar 05 2018 :  09:27:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have the Lewmar H700. I have 100' chain with 50' rope on the bitter end. Only once have I actually gotten to the rope which is 8 pleat.
Chain (I am in fresh water) does not deteriorate. Learned my lesson many years ago while anchoring at the beach. Damn near lost the boat.

"L'Chiam" 29' 2000 Regal Commodore 2660 (2765) T/4.3 Alphas

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RO# 842

Posted - Mar 05 2018 :  10:22:40  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What roy said, the chain gypsy will only work with the exact size link, length as well as wire size. BBB links are common choices because they jam less.


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RO# 24150

Posted - Mar 07 2018 :  07:05:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It calls for 1/4 inch g4 or bbb Cain and 1/2 rope. More chain is obviously better than rope but concerned about the weight. Boat is a Monterey 298ss with twin Volvo’s. Boat on freshwater lake. Anchoring depth usually only 10 to 20 feet. Max depth of lake is 40 feet. What is the proper combined length of chain / rope and what is the preferred ratio?

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Good Grief

RO# 13137

Posted - Mar 07 2018 :  09:40:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I looked into this some time ago - seems the most solid recommendations for combined chain/rope rode is from the boating Bible - Chapman's - which, if I recall, recommends chain length equal to boat LOA, at a minimum. An all-chain rode would be preferred, but most recreational boats would permanently ride bow down!

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RO# 31399

Posted - Mar 07 2018 :  14:10:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Before you go nuts with a big length of chain, consider how your current rode acts. Is there a problem you need to solve? If not, buy whatever you're running now. You could add some chain, but remember that if the windlass fails or something jams or starts to slip, you'll need to haul it all up by hand. Bear in mind too that your rode length is also dependent on your 'locker'. Make it too long for the depth of the locker and it will pile up and jam on you. I started with 200 feet of rope and had to whittle away at it 20' at a time until it stopped jamming up when I deployed more than 100 feet.

I anchor in salt water in depths similar to yours. I have 150' of rope and 20' of chain. I have an 18 lb Danforth that holds well in the mud and sand bottom here. I normally deploy about 100 feet of rode and the rig holds fine in 20-25 mph winds.

My .02

John and Linda
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Gene Johnson

RO# 5642

Posted - Mar 08 2018 :  10:33:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am on my second Lewmar windless and only use New England Premium 3 strand nylon. That was recommended by Lewmar if you do not use their rode.

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RO# 24150

Posted - Mar 11 2018 :  19:11:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Anyone know a good vendor to a custom length made?

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RO# 4224

Posted - Mar 11 2018 :  20:13:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'd encourage you to call Lewmar tech support for advice on brand of rope. The last time I spoke to them, they recommended New England Ropes or Samson. As for a custom length, West Marine and Defender both have custom rigging services (; But splicing anchor rode to chain is pretty easy and gratifying (once you get past the first two tucks, that is).


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RO# 13515

Posted - Mar 12 2018 :  13:44:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Jim, From my experiences over the years, as an example: Have used the V700 on 34' sedan bridge and a 25' Rosborough. I've used both 3 strand and 8 plait line. Both worked fine with the Lewmars. Big advantage with the 8 plait is way way fewer hockles to contend with. That and a good swivel makes retrieving the anchor a much more efficient operation. I also used the rule of thumb for rode length, that is 4 or 5 to 1 if a calm night expected and 7:1 ratio for wind conditions on Lake Champlain.
I also favored the CQR anchor, but that of course is my opinion. So if you anchor in max of 12'of water, then add 5' (to be on the conservative side)from bow to water it seems that about 125 - 135 feet of rode would work out. I also like the old rule of thumb of having a boat length of chain. I assume you have a 30' boat?
Enjoy your time on the water.

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