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 Who trailers a 310, and with what?
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RO# 24318

Posted - Dec 29 2006 :  21:08:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was thinking it might be nice to be able to trailer my new 310, but I was wondering if it is done often and if so, how difficult it is. Also, what do you use to pull it and what state do you trailer it in. I live in Florida, so I need to find out if they will give me a hassel. I have a single axle f350 with a turbo diesel engine...


Larry Paterson

RO# 21965

Posted - Jan 03 2007 :  19:40:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Florida DOT Permits:

(e) * Trailers or Equipment Towed with Ball or Pintle (i.e., Mobile Homes, Modular Buildings,
Trailer Chassis, Swimming Pools, Boats, Portable Buildings).

Up to 10 Feet Wide or up to 13 Feet 6 Inches
High or up to 80 Feet Long. $5.00(one time) $20.00(yearly)
*Up to 12 Feet Wide or up to 13 Feet 6 Inches High or up to 105 Feet Long. $5.00(one time) **$330.00(yearly)
*Up to 14 Feet Wide or up to 14 Feet 6 Inches High or up to 105 Feet Long. $15.00(one time) **$500.00(yearly)
*Over 14 Feet Wide or over 14 Feet 6 Inches High or over 105 Feet Long. $25.00 NOT ISSUED
Towed Farm Equipment (Local Moves Only). $25.00 $250.00
*SPECIFIED ROUTES ONLY When applicable, the specified routes shall be on the permit.
**Maximum Length 105 feet providing the length of the towed housing does not exceed 81 feet including all overhangs and

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Larry & Terri's Happy Ours

Edited by - Larry Paterson on Jan 05 2007 13:35:02

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RO# 8036

Posted - Apr 08 2007 :  04:57:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You probably could do it, but it would be a real pain.

1. This is one jumbo boat to put on a trailer.

2. The problem would be that would would be very limited to specific ramps that would need to be pretty deep.

3. You had better get a power winch or have the best float on trailer you can find since I cannot imagine what it would be to pull one of these on the trailer.

4. If you have a good person that can drive it on the trailer, you are in a better position. However, you would need to back that trailer way deep.

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Mark D

RO# 10699

Posted - Apr 08 2007 :  08:38:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I boat on the upper Chesapeake Bay. You can't much shallower than that. I see go fast boats being trailered in every weekend,38'-40' All of the are using dualies F-350 types

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RO# 25792

Posted - Apr 08 2007 :  11:34:01  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I tow my Formula 31pc in Phx, AZ until I find some covered dry storage.

I'm towing with a Chevy 2500HD, 8.1L, Allison tranny, geared to 456 ring & pinion, air bags 20,000lb hitch and ball, and converted to 10 bolt dually to run F rated 12 ply tires.

She' on a Randals VIP tripple axle trailer with electric over hydraulic disc brakes on each axle, she will stop the truck.

She sits 14'2" high on the trailer, tree's are our biggest problem.

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RO# 25229

Posted - Apr 09 2007 :  11:42:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I just purchased my 310 on a Sportline triple axle all aluminum trailer. My Dodge 3/4 ton single wheel with the cummins 5.9 pulled it easily. I weighed the tongue and the weight is 810lb.Certainly not in need of a dually. The total weight with 80 gal. of gas was 14,400lb. on the scale. My radar arch is just 14 ft. While I'm constantly aware of the height, as long as you stay on major roads it should not present a real hazard. Any bridge below 15 feet is marked in advance and you need to watch closely for these. In my state you permit the tow vehicle and I did so for $75.00 for 7 months. Each state is different and so you would need to check your state. I haven't put it in the water yet as the weather has been terrible. I don't expect anything much different from the 26 footer I had b/4. I have sides on this one to help center the boat. Hope this helps. Tom

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RO# 20516

Posted - Apr 09 2007 :  12:31:45  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I see the biggest problem as getting the boat and trailer up the ramp when you're done boating in the area.
Especially if the ramp is wet and the trailer's wheels fall into the ditch at the end of every ramp I've ever been on.

Carry on, regardless!

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RO# 30882

Posted - Oct 11 2008 :  17:14:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Has anyone ever pulled a Slickcraft 310 with a 11 ft. beam ?

Mike Greenberg

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RO# 9256

Posted - Oct 11 2008 :  18:24:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I pull a 30 footer with an 11 foot beam every weekend. It's easier to put on the trailer than our 25 footer. I hand crank it on with a winch and only have to crank about two feet. I wouldn't power it on. I've never experienced any problems getting it on or off due to the ramp conditions. The only additional pain is putting the Wide Load sign and markers on each side prior to moving the boat. That's the only additional time we've noticed.

1989 300 DA Twin 350's
1987 250 DA 454 Magnum - -Sold :-(
Duramaxed in Prosser, WA

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RO# 16492

Posted - Oct 11 2008 :  18:57:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There was a fellow on the old Regal Owners Site who trailered (I want to say) a 35. The rig was close to 60 feet LOA. He loved it.

Yes there were permits involved, but in the big scheme of things it worked best for him. He boated where HE wanted and the cost of getting the boat to the ramp by land was a lot less expensive than by sea. It can and is done and I wish I had the option.


Best Regards,

Saint Max
'99 330 Sundancer


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-- Me

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RO# 22986

Posted - Oct 13 2008 :  13:35:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I see that there are a few people out there trailering larger boats. At the present time I have a Sea Ray 270 that I trailer quit a bit . We live in Alberta Canada and take it out to British Columbia ( West Coast) over the Rocky Mountions. My wife and I are looking at moving out to the coast and would like to upgrade to a trawler style. The Camano is one boat I am thinking about. I think it is about a 10'6 beam and 31 overall with a dry wieght of somewhere arond 10000 -11000 lb.Moorage is hard get and expensive in the Vancouver area , I am thinking of keeping it on a trailer and moving it short distances to a ramp when we want to go out. Does anyone have any comments or tips about trailering a trawler?

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RO# 15124

Posted - Dec 14 2008 :  00:27:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think you can easily (so to speak) tow that boat with your truck. I bought and highly recommend Boatmaster trailers in Ft Myers. They do custom trailers for the military, in addition to regular guys like me, and their trailer has hauled my 28 ft boat from Tampa to Denver, 3 times Denver to Seattle and back, and to Mexico. I am not aflliated with them, just a happy customer.

1999 Chaparral 2835 ssi

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RO# 31019

Posted - Jan 11 2010 :  12:33:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Although not a Chaparral, we have towed our 3055 on 2 long trips, one of 130 miles and the other 600 miles.

The 130 mile trip was with an F-250 4x4, diesel.

The longer trip was with an 3500 Dodge Dually 2 wheel drive with the diesel.

Trailer is a 2010 Tri Axle Venture with Disc brakes on 2 of the axles.

3055 Ciera
Sea Doo XP

Life is short. Boats are cool.

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